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How is that made?

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  • How is that made?

    Watched them make a H&H SXS shotgun on the program. 1250 hours of labor, all most all hand made with no interchangeable parts with another gun. For instance it takes 40 hours of fitting to set the lock assembly into the stock. I did see a milling machine work on parts submerged in a paraffin bath. Barrel butts were soldered on in a furnace, but barrels were soldered/tinned together with a torch. A popular item at almost every work station was a black smoke lamp. Constant smoke a part and hand shape. The proof testing went to an outside independent Company for the required proof testing. Very interesting old World craftsmanship.

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    jimbo, I've got a catalog I stumbled into back in the 90's from Purdey & Sons.
    In the back of the catalog are forms on what and how to make various measurements.
    Send your measurements and half a kings ransom to England.
    In time, you will be summoned to England along with the other half of the kings ransom.
    You and your long gun (they build rifles and shotguns) go to the proving ground. After the proving ground, The gun is returned to the factory to be "regulated" to you and then fitted into a custom wooden case.
    You relinquish the other half of the ransom money and you're on your way home with a custom built "Purdey & Sons" firearm!
    NEATO huh?


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      Yeah I just found this today and made me think of it since apparently the mods don't like it if an answer should be normally Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox simple.




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