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What's happened to the Gun Dog blog and articles? Even if F&S and Chad Love parted ways it seems like they would have replaced h

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  • What's happened to the Gun Dog blog and articles? Even if F&S and Chad Love parted ways it seems like they would have replaced h

    What's happened to the Gun Dog blog and articles? Even if F&S; and Chad Love parted ways it seems like they would have replaced him by now. I'm sure I am not the only one who enjoys hunting with my dogs.

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    I think F&S has succumbed to the antler/rifle mania that's taken hold of everything outdoors. The place I'm staying in here in Montana has cable and once in a while I check out the outdoors TV. Blech! Last night I flicked on one show and the guy was filling a feeder. And that's supposed to be hunting? Next! The other channels were tecnocrap ads. Rather than put up with that I settled for watching a very cheezy King Arthur movie from the 1970s.

    Bird hunting in general has taken a back seat on this forum. And that seat is way out on the hitch carrier! The gun dog blog was a lot more active than others that didn't get the axe. I thought Chad also did a decent job with his contributions to the Field Notes section. For a while after he left that blog suffered badly.

    Getting rid of Chad and the dog blog was, I presume, intended to cater to the crowd. Wrong move in my opinion. If F&S really wanted to cater to the crowd ... or at least the crowd that matters (viewers with money to spend), they would get this site fixed instead of bleeding multiple posts from first-time users who promptly become never-again users. They do not fix that problem because it benefits their usage stats with phony hits. Very cheap ... and ultimately counterproductive. Given that the problem has gone ignored for YEARS, I really can come to no other conclusion.


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      Duck reporters have gone the way of Chad Love as well, now and then Phil puts out a good article on waterfowl, but I miss the migration reports. As OH said, deer mania on F&S


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        Well, you've only got so much space left after you've printed umpteen daily rut reports. To be fair, however, there is a new Keith McCafferty elk story on this month, and that makes up for a lot in my opinion.


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          I miss the Gun Dog Blog, too. I could care less about all the deer hunting and turkey hunting shows on TV. So blase. where do they get all the trailer trash to make some of those shows? Never mind, I know the answer.


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            I used to watch a show about one guy with a wide-brimmed hat and his was really cheesy as I remember. The dog was named "Dash" I think. I got the same effect watching that show as when I watched Bob Ross paint on educational TV. Relaxing. It was fun watching the dog work, and they never had to whisper to the camera or play bad music.

            Anyone remember the show?


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              OK, now I feel bad for calling it cheesy. I should have said innocent. Non-pretentious.

              And Dash was the offspring of Hank, which is the dog I remember.

              "Hunting with Hank."


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                I too am not a big fan of hunting shows. The bird hunting shows have gotten rediculous as well. I'm sick of seeing them having to kick pen raised birds into the air. I guess I just like to read a good dog article every now and then.
                Am, I too remember Hunting with Hank. Not a bad show. Not a big fan of Scott Linden and his show. All he does now on his show is promote his book.


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                  That was the guy who preached never, ever spoil your bird dog while 'ol Hank wuz layin' on the couch.
                  Good dog writers are hard to find. Most trainers who you could put stock in what they wrote are so egotistical that they would not lower themselves to such a mundane task. You get three trainers together and the only thing two of them will agree on is that the third one is doing it wrong. Yup, good dog writers are hard to find.




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