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I am thinking a little ahead here but does anyone have any tips for hunting ducks from a kayak? I went on a pleasure cruise on t

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  • I am thinking a little ahead here but does anyone have any tips for hunting ducks from a kayak? I went on a pleasure cruise on t

    I am thinking a little ahead here but does anyone have any tips for hunting ducks from a kayak? I went on a pleasure cruise on the Pearl River next county over, I'm in Mississippi by the way, and on the way out I saw probably 8 ducks all in all flying directly over head and I thought to myself "I will kill these ducks in a few months". So. Any tips?

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    Yes, don't stand up and tie a life preserver to your gun.


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      Gitta Jon Boat!


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        When I was about your age, I yearned to take a kayak right out to where the ducks were dropping like flies into an immense marsh. I thought I was the cat's meow slithering into the water and quietly paddling out to the massacre.

        About 300 yards from shore, I encountered my first little patch of open water surrounded by rushes. A nice flock of ducks buzzed me right away and I had the shot of a lifetime. Seems the recoil of my trusty 12 gauge, shooting straight off the starboard side, flipped me completely. I was shocked at how quickly after the shot I was inverted in the water. I almost drowned trying to right the kayak without losing my gun or my paddle.

        I never even saw whether the shot hit the duck or not. The water was not much above 32 degrees, much deeper than I had expected, and the 300 yards back seemed like 10 miles. I nearly died of hypothermia and considered myself extremely fortunate to live to tell the story. What is even worse, I just know that every one of those ducks related the story of that sight to every one of their offspring and they are probably still all talking about it today!

        In a nutshell, I'd have to say, my tip would be to listen to bayouwoof!


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          Yes, A john boat does make a very stable platform for duck hunting...and other water uses.

          Before you tie a life jacket to your gun...make SURE you have one on yourself...!!

          Nobody likes to read about 'another' hunter drowning...especially their parents and other family members.


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            I always wear my PFD while on my 'yak and I appreciate the concern. I don't have a jon boat and I SHO NUFF aint got the money for one! Mississippi State University is makin dern sure of that! I'm going to test out shooting and maybe practice with some clays from the kayak while the water is still warm. Any ideas on what I should wear at freezing temps? Surely waders is an awful idea: if I do fall out they'll fill with water and drag me down. Right?


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              Like Dakota described, stability is a real issue. When I was younger, we had a big 2-man Klepper kayak that was very stable. A friend and I would paddle the local rivers with the guy in the bow shooting and the stern-man paddling. We’d jump-shoot mallards, teal and wood ducks and it was great hunting. But, if your boat is even slightly tippy, when you twist your body to shoot the recoil can put you in the water before you even think about a second shot. And that’s no fun.


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                If you are determined to try it, some suggestions.
                Try to only take shots directly off the bow. Keep your center of gravity as low as you can. After you put on your PFD, tie a line to your gun and paddle.
                I have a Wilderness 12' Pamlico which is dark green so it could work for ducks. If yours is bright you have to cover it with some camo. If your boat is a sit in, put 5gal plastic containers in the bow and stern for flotation. Some are real flexible and can be shoved way in.
                The problem with cold weather is you don't want to wear clothing you can not swim in - that eliminates almost everything.
                Good luck, tell us how you did.




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