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Do any of you have advice on crow hunting? I do not have a call. I know it sounds stupid its just we have to many and it gives m

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  • Do any of you have advice on crow hunting? I do not have a call. I know it sounds stupid its just we have to many and it gives m

    Do any of you have advice on crow hunting? I do not have a call. I know it sounds stupid its just we have to many and it gives me something to do in the off season.

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    A noble pursuits. Crows eat Pheasant and song bird's eggs and young. The only good they do is eat road kill. This is a good bait.


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      You need to get a cheap Crow call and an Owl to put on a 12'or 15' 3/8 PVC poll, mount the owl on the PVC poll now your ready to Crow Hunt or Blast after the first kill put the D/crow at the foot of the Owl....Then the Blasting starts. need one Owl Plastic or crow call.....shotgun....Ammo you can put the owl on a fens post,They will dive at the Owl.


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        Any kind of crow hunting is fun but I'd make the following suggestions to help a little:

        1. Get an electronic call if you can because they cut loose with a crow riot that is difficult for one person to immitate with a mouth call and they respond accordingly with aggessive attacks.

        2. Use an inexpensive owl decoy if you can to give them something to focus their rage on so they hang around ever after a shot or two. Set it on a fence post or low hanging tree limb so they dive down closer.

        3. Hide! This is probably the most important quarry for camo. Don't move until you are ready to shoot. They pick up movement as well as a Canada goose. A head bob can flare them from a quarter of a mile.

        4. Practice straight overhead shots if you can. Have a buddy throw clay targets straight over your head. I've never seen so many overhead shots hunting any other game. Usually when you jump they are right over you. When a flock comes in, they like to stay very high and dive bomb your owl.

        5. Use small shot (6-7 1/2) but a modified or full choke. Some shots are close but they get out of range quickly with a cylinder choke.

        6. Bring 12 inch wires and stake out fallen crows as decoys on the ground around your owl. I run the wire up from the chest to the base of their skull and stake them out. It tends to hold the aggressive flock for extra dive bombing, even while you are reloading. You can spread one out on its back like it has been plundered by the owl... it just gets them more aggressive.

        Good luck and have fun!


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          Someone brighter than I made an observation when I was a teenager that I've not forgotten. On a farm infested with crows, a friend and I took our .22 rifles and set up on a nearby fenceline. The crows disappeared and I couldn't understand it. He commented, "You've got your rifle ready to go and they're avoiding you? Break up the profile of the barrel; there are no straight lines in nature! They can see that when they fly over you." We taped and tied some fabric and foliage to our barrels, covered ourselves a bit, and the crows filtered back. That hadn't occurred to me before, but I'm 66 years old and I still use that technique.
          Owls and crows are enemies. I certainly add a recommendation to the decoy owl. Good recommendations have been offered.


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            like everyone has been saying cammo is super important, a owl decoy is great and an electric caller is best but a cheep call will do. Also learn to tell ravens and crows apart and you have never shot a raven! Ravens are protected under the migratory bird act.


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              primos sells a really cheap crow call!


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                If you have an iPhone, download the iHunt app from ihunt dot com. Hook it to an external speaker and get ready to shoot! An owl decoy is good but not essential.




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