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I'd like to ask you turkey hunters out there to share your stories about turkey hunting with young people, especially your kids.

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  • I'd like to ask you turkey hunters out there to share your stories about turkey hunting with young people, especially your kids.

    I'd like to ask you turkey hunters out there to share your stories about turkey hunting with young people, especially your kids. I shared one of mine on a question posted bt Del. Please share!

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    I love to take the kids out chasing Toms. It is a great way to get young people into hunting. A few years back the fish and game modified the regs so young people could start bird and Turkey hunting at 9, then go after big game once they turned 12. My cousins kid has been going with me for a couple years now. I have come to believe he is cursed, I have had him in on multiple birds over the the last couple of years, but just can't close the deal. He still has a blast, and as I usually go on Public ground in the National Forest we have found several nice sheds while chasing the Wiley National Forest Toms around the hills. My nephew and his dad took a Turkey a couple weeks ago, he is only 5 so can't shoot yet, but loves to go, and insisted on packing this last Tom out. There are quite a few pics of kids with Turkeys on my photo blog as well as under my profile on this site.


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      A few years ago my nephew was 12 and his dad (lawyer workaholic) does not hunt. David asked me to take him out. We bought a Mossberg youth 20 guage and some 3 inch heavy shot loads. After spending time getting prepared we went out on opening day of the youth season in Kansas. We went to a public hunting area that is usually loaded with birds (and hunters) during the regular season and had a great hunt. Set up on a food plot that was covered in old cornstubble we watched as 62 (I counted) turkeys flew down and did what turkeys do for about 30 minutes. There was at least 20 gobblers, about 25 jakes and the rest a few hens.
      David and I sat side by side so I could whisper instructions. He did a great job of remaining motionless in the presence of so may birds.
      Knowing it would be fruitless to call we just waited to see what would transpire. Finally a 2 yr old got suspicious and wandered over to see what those 2 strange things sitting by the tree was. At 25 yds Dave made a perfect shot. about a half dozen jakes ran over to see what was wrong with the flopping bird and even gave him a kick. Dave could have tagged out right there on a jake but I said wait as we had the whole season left to get another gobbler. We watched this big flock for another 20 minutes before they finally fed out of sight. As it turned out we never got to go again. David's family travels lots on weekends and that was that.


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        My 14 yr old got his first bird this year. This is the first year he has not played baseball so father and son are scorching up the rivers and woods with guns/ammo and rods/reels all spring.

        It was a typical morning. Both of us stayed up too late and neither was very "enthusiastic" getting out of bed. We found our way to the woods and settled underneath a pair of large cherry trees.

        We've had a couple run ins with a gobbler roosting on top of the hill on the back of the property. We sat near where we thought he would be and as soon as we got settled he gobbled not 30 yards away. I thought for sure we were busted. We sat motionless for 45 mins. I was unable to set up the camera and video or reach into my pocket for the shooting sticks.

        It seems the whole woods shake when a gobbler is gobbling just yards away.

        We got lucky. The bird flew down behind a blown over tree. We were able to make a few adjustements. The Rem 870 SP was pointed towards the bird when I let out a yelp. He gobbled.

        A turkey appeared thru the brush. "Don't shoot" I whispered. I was thinking we needed to make sure it was the gobbler. The bird turned and the beard was visible then he let out his last gobble. My son who had just completed the hunters safety course knew why I told him not to shoot. He said "I see his beard dad. Can I shoot?". I said "Shoot him son".

        Bang! Then I clicked on the camera just in time to see the bird flopping on the ground. It was all good.


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          Great stories guys! Pass it on! Idaho you have some wonderful photos on your profile. You are giving me the fever to come to Idaho and try for one of those public land Merriams!


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            Since I'm only 16, I havent had the chance to miss alot of gobblers. And on the Saturday before the last day, I was sitting in a spot where I've heard a gobbler roosting and after about 1 1/2 hours sitting there I clucked a couple of times and immediately I got a gobble. So I was clucking and raking the leaves to get the bird excited and after waiting for him for probably an hour, he started down a hill dead on to me. I never like to shoot a bird that is coming right at me and of course since I was so excited I not only shot when he was too far away but I picked my head up after I shot. In a last attempt to kill the bird I shot twice while he was flying and I had to watch that gobbler fly away. He had a beard that was probably 10 inches...if only. if only...


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              Great story idahooutdoors.




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