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Im looking to replace some of my waterfowl hunting gear and am looking into some products. As far as decoys go i think im safe g

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  • Im looking to replace some of my waterfowl hunting gear and am looking into some products. As far as decoys go i think im safe g

    Im looking to replace some of my waterfowl hunting gear and am looking into some products. As far as decoys go i think im safe going with G&H; decoys. I normally hunt the river and some small ponds. My real questions are what are the best goose and duck calls in the price range of $20-$60 (i know this is a opinion based question) I also am wondering what is the new best load for both ducks and geese. I can go up to 3 1/2 but 3's normally do the job. Im also wondering if i should convert my jon boat into a blind, has anyone had experience with this. I hunt in the eastern Colorado, any tips or pointers on spots? Thanks guys

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    Shells: 3" Federal or FastSteel BB shot at 1550 fps.

    I use a flute type goose call. They are not as difficult to use as many folks make out. The sound is much better than most short reed calls and they are quite versatile. I had an old-time Olt call (they have been out of business for several years) but lost it two years ago. Presently have a Primos goose flute. It works okay. I still use my dad's old Olt D-2 Keyhole duck call. I love it. Wait! News flash! Phillip Olt IV, a retired Army AND Air Force officer, decided to restart his family business. Let's see ... yeah, here's the site: h.ttp://

    Wow! I see they're also making the flute now too. I'm ordering one for my birthday next fall.


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      G&H decoys are great! Keep them in a slotted decoy bag and they'll last you even longer!


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        For shells I'm shooting 3" #2 Remington Hypersonic Steel right now but when I finish off this box I'm going to shoot Winchester 3" #2 because the it's about half the price of the Remington rounds. I would experiment with different rounds and see what your gun (and wallet) like the best!


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          I completely agree with the goose flute, sounds much better, Greenhead Gear is my personal favorite, and far as shells go, but a few boxs and head to the patterning board, I shoot Federal Blackcloud #2. And the boat, don't waste your money, makeshift blinds always look great.


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            I have used black cloud ,winchester, remington Hypersonic and regular. I have a hard time choosing between hypersonic and black cloud. If you shoot black cloud i would buy the carlson black cloud choke. My buddy just recently bought some mallard. Decoys made by redhead and 4 drakes have already broke and the keels are coming off. I bought a primos honky tonk for $30 and duck commander triple threat for $40the i love these calls. Good luck




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