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Q:I recently rescued a 6 week old chocolate lab. It turns out that there is a little doberman in it as well. I really wanted thi

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  • Q:I recently rescued a 6 week old chocolate lab. It turns out that there is a little doberman in it as well. I really wanted thi

    Q:I recently rescued a 6 week old chocolate lab. It turns out that there is a little doberman in it as well. I really wanted this dog (beyond the rescue) for duck hunting. Has any one had any experience and or luck training this mix? She seems to have more lab than dobie, but she is still very young. Thank you for your help and insight!

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    This probably isn't a ton of help, but I rescued a lab that is mixed with likely pit, maybe boxer, just as a pet, not a gun dog. But I can tell you she is one of the sharpest, eager to please, obedient, and easy to train dogs I've ever seen. Not just my bias opinion either, hear it a lot from other dog owners. So I don't know how any of that might translate to your needs, but I feel confident had I tried to train her as a gun dog early on, she would have picked it up as quick as any. I wouldn't be discouraged if I were you, just find a good training program and you should be good.


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      As she grows older you will have to work with her and see which traits come through. Dobermans are sight hunters for the most part I believe but I would certainly give her a chance to shoe what she can do. An acquaintance of mine had a dobie years ago that would flush pheasants and stayed fairly close.


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        I've gpt a black mutt I have no idea what its makeup is...but a great upland, flushing bird dog. Looks like it has the old style, block head lab in it. Great retriever. I think they can become far less high strung then the pure breeds, and less susceptible to disease that purebreds are susceptible to contracting. Good house dog. It is a lot about how much you work with your dog, and how much you are around the dog.


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          Most German dogs I have seen have been more sight trackers. Ours will totally ignore a rabbit not 15 feet away unless it moves. Dachsunds are the best German sniffer I've seen.

          The Lab should calm out some of the Doberman. Dobies can be a bit high-strung for hunting. Both bloods should be able to handle guns okay.

          One thing though, a Doberman does not have a "soft mouth".


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            Check for webbing between the toes.


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              As an owner of dobie's past and present I can tell you they are great dog's, not at all gun shy, love the woods and if trained to hunt birds will do a great job and stay in shotgun range.
              But dobie's DO NOT swim they sink like rocks due to their cupped feet the one my boy owns now will wade chest deep as would the ones I have owned in years past . But put the dog in deep water over its head and you better be ready to dive in after it to save it's life .Dobie's are a great dog and are what you make them with a bit extra .They are very loyal and normally very protective of their owner's . The only thing I can say about your mix is show it the water and let it tell you what it thinks about it, and as santa said check it's feet .


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                Thanks everyone! I searched and searched the internet, but could not find anything! Santa and Cooner, I checked and they are webbed.


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                  With webs she should be a swimmer, but like Cooner said, test her where you can pull her out if she has trouble. I have seen several lab mixes that have trouble swimming. My last lab was over weight (90#) and would still retrieve bricks off the bottom at seven feet deep.




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