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Joe Rogan got a big elk in Utah

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  • Joe Rogan got a big elk in Utah

    If he could use his influence on the wolf issue I'd be real happy, on the flip side now there will be a couple thousand more people applying for tags. For those who follow hunting personalities I saw this on Cameron Haynes instagram, not sure what he had to do with it but the name rings a bell somehow.
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    I don’t follow Rogan at all, just know he’s a big pod cast personality.

    What’s his stance on wolves?


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      I don't follow him either, nor cameron haynes. Most elk hunters are pretty negative on wolves, especially Utah hunters. Wolves average 20 elk per wolf per year and they can double in population quick. For people who make their living by guiding back country hunts they can devastate business. Joe probably got an earful on the subject.

      I pay attention to Rogan because of the size of his audience. In April 2019 he was getting 190 million downloads of his podcasts per month. Since signing with Spotify for 100 million he seems to have slipped some, still a lot more influential than most anyone I can think of.

      Joe is part of what's called the Intellectual Dark Web, liberals agreeing with conservatives and versa visa, not always about predictable issues, and always being civil to each other, Generally IDW members agree on quite a lot. Freedom of speech, anti woke, mostly pro gun, ok with weed. Some support Trump, some Sanders, very few Biden.




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