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WoW Skinning Guide: What Do You Need to Do Before Starting with Skinning?

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  • WoW Skinning Guide: What Do You Need to Do Before Starting with Skinning?

    As a gold farmer in WoW, your bags are especially important. Regardless of which gold-making method you’re using, you want your inventory to be clean and organized. AdiBags is the go-to addon here, simply because it does the best job of optimizing your inventory for gold farming.

    AdiBags will combine all of your bags into one and categorize everything you possess in an elegant way. Quest items, junk items, crafting materials, and epics will all be stored in different corners. And every time you loot an item, it will go straight to its appropriate group. This is essential for keeping track of your items and knowing where everything is at all times.
    Zygor's Gold Guide

    Bagnon is the alternative option here if you don’t want to go with AdiBags. Bagnon also combines all of your bags into a giant one and highlights the most essential items, so you don’t accidentally sell or delete them. Plus, it comes with tons of customization options and freedom, so you can make it work without a problem.

    Gathermate2 is a fantastic addon if you’re going for the gathering professions. It marks all the spawning locations of every herb and ore across the zones. And every time you gather material, it will put a little icon on your map and minimap, so you know where that same material may spawn again. Needless to say, this saves tons of time because you no longer have to run aimlessly in search of herbs/ores. Instead, you can just follow the trail you’ve already made.

    In addition to Gathermate2, you can get Gathermate2 Data, which contains the entire info beforehand. You can essentially just load it up in your game and follow the best farming routes right away.

    And speaking of routes, the addon Routes is an excellent tool for extending the power of Gathermate2. Routes gives you the ability to draw or plan a route between your spawning locations in a given zone. Then, this route can be shown on your minimap, so you can follow it more easily. And Farmhud can show that planned route right on your screen, so you don’t have to check your map or minimap every second or so.
    The Gathermate2 and Routes Addons for WoW - Displaying Optimal Paths for Farming and Making wow classic gold cheap
    WoW Addons – Gathermate2 and Routes

    LootAppraiser is the perfect addon for farming anything in WoW. Its job is to display the value and pricing of all the items in your inventory. Whenever you hover over an item in your bags, LootAppraiser will tell you how much that item is worth, what is its price on the Auction House, and potential gold-per-hour farm profit.

    LootAppraiser has its own window, which has a lot of useful tools like “Sell Thrash” and “Destroy Trash.” However, the best one is the “Reset Instance” button, which will quickly reset the instance for you, so you can rerun it right away. It has its own stopwatch, so you can track how much time you’re spending per run in a given instance.

    Being able to know exactly how much gold you’re making while you’re farming is everything a gold-farmer in WoW could wish for. We highly recommend using LootAppraiser for everything, especially farming old raids. You can also pair it with SavedInstance, which shows you which runs you’re saved in until the next week for maximum results.
    World Quest Tracker

    World Quests can be an excellent source of gold, especially in Shadowlands. And tracking its rewards is essential for planning your routes.

    Well, the World Quest Tracker replaces the dull “exclamation mark (!)” icons of the World Quests on your map with icons of the actual rewards. For example, the World Quest that rewards gold upon completion will be shown with a gold icon on the map. And lastly, whenever you select a zone on the minimap, all available World Quests and their rewards will be displayed left or right on your screen, so you can immediately see how much gold you can make in a given zone.

    World Quests List is a quite similar addon, but instead of images, it groups the World Quests into lists for better tracking. You can go with that if lists are what you prefer, but World Quest Tracker is overall cleaner and more widely used.

    BuyEmAll is a very helpful addon that simply lets you buy how much of a given item you want from the vendor. Instead of retyping “200” and clicking the same button over and over again, with BuyEmAll, you can set the exact number of thread or parchment you want to purchase, then buy it with one click. It saves a ton of time, and it’s useful for every profession.

    DeJunk, on the other side, allows you to quickly sell all your grey or junk items to the vendor without clicking them one by one. And if you’re out in the world, you can simply destroy all those items with one click.
    Rematch and TSM Pet Values

    Rematch reinvents the way the Pets tab looks in World of Warcraft. Firstly, it will categorize every Pet you own according to their type. It will then help you understand every Pet, what are its strong sides, its counter picks, and so on.

    It’s useful for gold-making because it can list the rarest and the most valuable Pets right at the top. This way, you can keep track of how much you can profit if you’re farming rare pets to sell.
    The Rematch Addon for WoW - Categorizing Your Pets for Making Gold
    WoW Addon – Rematch

    A fantastic addition to this is the TSM Pet Values addon, which is just an extension of the main TradeSkillMaster addon. TSM Pet Values will display the actual price of every Pet, right beneath the Pet’s name. Together with Rematch, they make the primary toolset for every Pet gold-farmer in WoW.
    Final Conclusion

    Be aware that these are not the only addons for making gold in WoW. There are probably hundreds of other choices that tackle more specific things and help you utilize your UI better. But our picks are the very fundamental addons of farming gold in World of Warcraft.

    And no, you don’t have to use all of them in order to succeed. Addons are deeply personal, and you should always customize them to suit your playstyle. But if you’re an absolute beginner and don’t know which addons to use for farming gold, then here is our suggestion for you.

    You’ll want to have either TSM, Auctioneer, or Auctionator for getting your grip on the Auction House. Then, LootAppraiser will always be useful no matter what, so make sure to get that one. And Gathermate2 will be very helpful if you’re planning to do a lot of farming out in the open. The rest are all excellent tools for saving time, but if you’re finding it hard to get used to, then go with these three.

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