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Accessories for Remington 5R Gen 2 .308

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  • Accessories for Remington 5R Gen 2 .308

    Just purchased the Remington 5R Gen 2 rifle and looking for several accessories that are rugged and can deal with weather extremes, rain, heat, cold, humidity, etc. Strongly prefer branded items by reputable manufacturers that have been around for many years and are proven out in the field.

    1. Sling Swivels for Galco RS9 Sling. Milspec, Stainless Steel are some thoughts. Uncle Mikes was given as a recommend but their milspec swivel contains a plastic part, I think all metal is way to go.

    2. Rifle case for carry in the field, think rainproof, material hard to tear when snagged by prickers, branches. Maybe need a few pockets for rounds/small accessories?

    3. Hearing protection.

    4. Eyecups for Leupold VX3i 2.5-8 x 36 scope (the aluminum ones Leupold makes had a few too many reviews saying the magnets fall out, these Alumina flip back covers have the Leupold icon falling out, etc. I like the idea of aluminum rather than cheap plastic/rubber caps, anyone else out there make something of quality?

    Once again, everything is about quality, durability and keeping it simple. Would like to get about 20 years out of all items here for big game hunting in tough weather environments.


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    That looks like a nice rifle! Does it shoot well and if so, what ammo are you using? I notice it has a 1:11 twist and am curious if it stabilizes 180 grains.

    1. I started using some slings with plastic swivels. The screwhead broke on one of them and I don't know if they would get brittle in extreme cold. But at least they don't rust and start squeaking! Stainless steel does sound like the way to go.

    2. As far as rifle case, how do you plan to transport the rifle? On your back, horse, or ATV? ... I often use a canoe when getting to a hunting spot. My usual case choice is a soft side camo version that's water resistant and should float if I capsize. But I don't think it's totally waterproof. They're usually for waterfowl shotguns so make sure you get one large enough for a scoped rifle. Bought mine at the local Bass Pro, can't remember the brand. It has an ammo pocket and has worked well for a few seasons. But of course it's not as sturdy as a hard case. I prefer a hard case for vehicle travel.

    3. In warm temps, I just use earplugs, only donning them when needed. I like electronic muffs when it's colder, the stereo microphone helps with directional hearing and to amplify an animal's noises. The cheap ones are more likely to distort sounds. Mine are:

    Peltor 97451 3M Tactical Sport Earmuff

    Walker's Ultimate Digital Quad Connect Electronic Earmuffs with Bluetooth (NRR 27dB)

    Lately, I've been using the Walker's around the house when mowing, trimming, and hedging. The Bluetooth feature allows me to connect with my smartphone so I can take calls or listen to my favorite Sirius radio channels.

    4. I don't use eyecups on scopes. For Leupolds I just use the soft / flexible scope covers.
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      I'm not familiar with your Galco RS9 sling, so I looked it up online. I like the wide strap, but I prefer an adjustable strap.
      With that strap, I think the Uncle Mike's, conventional, "detachable" sling swivel would be the way to go.

      For a "drag bag", I'd hit a "Big Box" store, Cabela's, Bass Pro, Academy. They normally have the widest selection available. If there is a LGS near you, hit it, you never know what you may stumble upon.
      "IF" you settle on a soft case, just don't store your gun in it, they're bad about condensation.

      Hearing protection.
      I like the convenience of muffs, but despise wearing them.
      The most effective AND cheapest is the little yellow, roll up ear plugs. A bit harder to apply, but well worth the effort.
      Hard to locate, just as effective and very easy to apply are the "Silencio Ear Valves".
      Ear valves allow normal conversation, easy application and not only dampen noise, but also reduce concussive effect in indoor and covered ranges.

      I don't use scope caps. Maybe I should. πŸ˜‰

      "IF" you don't mind, what "tough weather environments." are you hunting in?
      May give others a hint to items that have worked for them in the past.

      Good luck. Hope you find what you need.


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        I've hunted the most severe conditions for over 55 years from -30 degrees to 110 degrees, from blowing dust to torrential rain, sleet and zero visibility snow. I carried my rifle for as much as 25 miles a day in mountains and on the plains, I've dropped it in rivers and down mountains.

        1. Sling Swivels: Uncle Mikes are great, have never failed and even if there were something else, it wouldn't be better. Note, since I've actually carried my rifle for hundreds of days, I prefer a sling with a loop or niche to rest my thumb in while I walk. My arm appreciates the relief of a different position that still keeps the rifle in position on my shoulder. It MUST be loose enough fit that it allows quick extraction of your thumb for a rapid target acquisition. Just because almost everyone else uses them doesn't mean they are bad.

        2. Rifle case: I use a LIGHT plastic double rifle case for the field that holds the rifle and key accessories including bi-pod, ammo / magazines, bolt, empty chamber flag, scope caps, etc. This holds everything I need in one smooth piece that packs well and doesn't snag. I gave up on pockets decades ago because I always forgot what pocket had what goodies. It is light but above all, it keeps the rifle from getting bumped, even if dropped or if it gets other stuff piled on top of it. I can get it open even if it has been buried in snow, frozen in ice or rained on. No zippers... I can throw it in the back of a Jeep or four wheeler and don't worry about anything knocking my scope off.

        If you need to fly with your rifle, you need to pack it in a bullet proof hard case that can be locked and thrown off a building. Pelicans are the gold standard.. I've even had scopes ruined in a metal case. I never use these in the field because I don't hunt with a fork lift and they are way too heavy for the field.

        3. Hearing protection: For one shot a week, I hunt without it (not that I recommend this). For all other situations where I have time to put on protection or am exposed to multiple shots a day or want to actually hear rustling leaves while I hunt, I use Walker ear muffs and love them. If it's cold, I wear them in field hunting situations because I can hear better and they keep my ears warm.

        4. Eyecups: I don't use them. There is plenty of eye relief on this scope and if you are exposing yourself to a hit from the scope, you are doing something way wrong (unless your bullet weighs over 500 grains). I have shot over a hundred thousand rounds from worse scopes with cartridges up to .375 H&H and in almost every imaginable position, including falling down, upside down, on the dead run, etc. I have NEVER been kissed by a scope in this magnification range nor by any scope for that matter. I also don't use scope caps for hunting. I've lost more shots to lens caps than any other cause of failure. I hunt in the snow a lot, and even then, I rarely have time to flip lens covers before game disappears. I hunt in rain and snow a LOT and simply fog proof my lens and wipe snow from the lens periodically. I have lost one shot due to fogging lens (before I learned to use de-fogger) but have NEVER lost a shot due to falling snow or rain. I can ALWAYS see well enough to aim. Ambient light or darkness has never forced me to desire an eyecup but if you want one, chose what fulfills your desire.


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          What caliber and what bullet weights will it handle ?


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            Grovetec sling swivel. Search on MidwayUSA for sling swivels you will find them all metal. I took them off to loud and they look ridiculous. I’m hard on my gear and I’ve never broke an uncles mikes. If you want a case to last 20 years and survive harsh treat buy 2 or 3. So you have one you like. Most accessories are not made to last that long. If you want a quality case I suggest a leather one. And I agree with Dakotaman on the sling. Good luck let us know what you find. As far a good sling that doesn’t weight a ton and works and is not that expensive Blackhawk mountain sling.
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              PigHunter, I am waiting for the scope to arrive at my gunsmith for installation so haven't tried it out yet. Reviews say it consistently shoots very accurately no matter what brand bullets used, once of the things I like.

              I'll carry the rifle across my back. I'll check BassPro for the case as you mentioned, it's one of those items that needs to be seen to purchase. Hard case may be a later purchase for storage.

              I meant eye caps (to protect the scope glass), not eyecups. The Leupold Alumina caps should outlast cheap rubber/plastic ones, but can't see paying $100 for two metal caps when the reviews are not quite there. Don't see anyone else making a metal cap for this scope.


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                FirstBubba, good point on the condensation issue. I'll eventually get a hard shell storage case for when its not being used.

                I bought this rifle with the idea that it will hold up better in the long run if I shoot in different states/climates, one of the reasons I like the black cerakote finish on stainless steel. This way I don't have to buy an all weather rifle down the line, hope to do all with one gun.


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                  DakotaMan, that's good I will keep Uncle Mike's in the running then. Grovtec is the other mfr. I've seen that appears to make a strong product.

                  With your experience shooting in lots of rain and snow, etc, what product do you use to anti-fog your scopes? Can I apply to my Leupold VX3i with peace of mind that it won't damage the lens coatings?


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                    Originally posted by clemente View Post
                    FirstBubba, good point on the condensation issue. I'll eventually get a hard shell storage case for when its not being used.

                    I bought this rifle with the idea that it will hold up better in the long run if I shoot in different states/climates, one of the reasons I like the black cerakote finish on stainless steel. This way I don't have to buy an all weather rifle down the line, hope to do all with one gun.
                    I wouldn't store it in a case, hard or soft. Same issue. Condensation.
                    The "best" storage is in a safe with a desiccant in place.
                    I also understand everybody may not be able to afford a safe.
                    In lieu of a safe, I'd suggest a closet corner*, muzzle down where it can be checked frequently for any problems.

                    Good luck!

                    *anyplace where it can breathe with the environment. Even stainless will oxidize, eventually.
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                      JHJimbo, it's a 308. Not sure what bullet weights, but since its got the heavier 5R barrel I'd guess a wider range than usual


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                        Mildawg, thanks for the real world advice no breakages on Uncle Mike's and that metal can be noisy a real minus. Grovtec looks like one of the few major mfrs which puts main focus on quality swivels. I'll take a look at the Blackhawk sling.


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                          Originally posted by clemente View Post

                          With your experience shooting in lots of rain and snow, etc, what product do you use to anti-fog your scopes? Can I apply to my Leupold VX3i with peace of mind that it won't damage the lens coatings?
                          You can make sure your lens needs anti-fog by going outside in freezing weather and breathing on it. If it doesn't fog, you are ready to go. Frankly, I personally never worried about damaging a lens because if it fogs over, I won't use it anyway. You can buy anti-fog lens wipes for eye glasses at Walmart or order any anti-fog online. None of these will damage the lenses.

                          I'd be more specific but mine is just a wax stick I bought at an outdoor show about 40 years ago and it has no name on it. If it is snowing real heavy, I carry my rifle in my hand in a level position so the scope doesn't fill with snow. If for some reason, I can't do that and must carry my rifle over my shoulder, I swing my rifle around periodically and blow the snow off the lens. Snow will usually fall off the lens enough to shoot and I've never actually had it stop me from getting a shot off in a second or so.

                          FYI... the Leupold VX3i is one of the best and most reliable hunting scopes you can get. You can pay more but you can't get more in terms of game getting capability. It is a precision optic that will allow you to shoot tight groups with a precision rifle, good bullets and a good shooter. Other, than that, it has no control over how well you shoot. This is a great scope for timber hunting because of it large field of view and is best within ranges out to 300 yards with the .308. Of course, you can shoot further than that, but use of a higher magnification scope will allow you to see your target better if you intend to shoot beyond that range.

                          Finally, I don't use lens covers on hunting rifles. They get to be a pain to take off and put on and I lose most of them in the field. They are good for the safe to prevent dings so I use the rubber bimini style for that and I leave them on the safe top when I use a rifle. I use metal caps on most of my competition rifles but they only go to the range.


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                            Originally posted by clemente View Post
                            JHJimbo, it's a 308. Not sure what bullet weights, but since its got the heavier 5R barrel I'd guess a wider range than usual
                            Clemente... just a clarification FYI... the 5R rifling does nothing to improve accuracy or to make accuracy worse; nor does it enable / disable use of various bullet weights. It is a pyramid shaped rifling cut that offers a reduced surface area on top of the rifling so less carbon and copper fouling accumulates on the rifling. Its main attraction is that it can reduce the need for cleaning a bit and it can make cleaning easier. It can also reduce the need to "foul" your barrel with a few shots before getting uniform groups sizes for competition shooting. Some competitors use it; some don't.

                            The "twist rate" of your barrel can impose a limitation on bullet weights because some very long or very heavy-for-caliber bullets need a faster spin to stabilize. You most likely have a 10 twist (1 bullet rotation in every 10 inches of barrel travel... standard on all factory .308s) that will allow you to shoot any bullet weight from 110g to 230g although any bullet over about 180g has limited use in a .308 because of their lower velocity and displacement of propellant in the case.

                            Enjoy your new rifle. I'm sure you will love it.
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                              Your welcome. And I second Dakota man on the leupold vx3i. I have them and love them.




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