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  • Wildebeest rug

    My daughter put in the request for wildebeest hide for my safari last year. Her man wasn't particularly crazy about it so I brought it home last week. No place for it in the taxidermy showroom or my living room so I put it up on the wall in the basement. Formerly this was our rec room but it's now my office and spare bedroom. Keep in mind this is NOT my wildebeest. Obviously a much younger darker animal that was shot in the back with bullet exiting behind right front shoulder. I shot mine in right front shoulder with exit (barely) in opposite shoulder. I suspect this animal was culled during the drought from helicopter. Or it was sick on the ground and put out of its misery.

    Disappointing to have some other critter up on the wall but still it's an interesting hide.

    Click image for larger version

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    It looks rather nice on the wall, despite not being a particularly attractive hide.


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      She needs a new man. Ain't nothing wrong with hanging that hide on the wall.


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        Some of you folks may not be aware there are two species of Wildebeest in Africa. Blue Wildebeest and Black Wildebeest. This one is Blue, of which there are five subspecies scattered around Africa. They are pretty common and I have felt they are sort of the good clowns of plains game. The Black species have horns that curve forward rather than to the side as in all the Blue varieties. The Black, once almost extinct, has become one of South Africa’s most sought after animals. Blue Wildebeest are famous for the annual huge migration through the Serengeti.


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          Another thought. These are hearty, , ever watchful animals, and can be tough to bring down. I do not care much for the meat compared to many other plains game. Believe I have taken all varieties legal to hunt.


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            Thanks for your thoughts Happy. I'm not sure which variety of blue wildebeest I shot. Seems SCI lumps them all together. I was told the meat was not that great. Alas I only got to eat some kudu tenderloin while I was there. The two wives in the group were not into wild meat so we were fed mostly cultivated stuff. I found the kudu delicious although under cooked for my tastes. Everyone says the little springbuck are the best eating. What's your favorite?

            I knocked over my wildebeest with one shot and it never quivered. PH said he'd only seen that once before. Given the shot placement, I was somewhat surprised.

            Black wildebeest is on the menu when I return. Those things look like something right out of Hell but I understand they are quite timid.
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              That is a great picture Honker with a beautiful animal. Good shooting too. If I were you, I'd look at that hide on the wall as a great remembrance of that unique hunt. Congrats on having a wonderful African adventure.


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                That's my office chair on the edge of the photo. An interesting story. I was in an antique store in eastern Montana looking for a rocker to restore after the birth of my first granddaughter (now the mother of my first great-grandchild). The seat and back of this chair was sitting in an outside shed. The owner offered to throw in another set of legs and rockers. On closer examination I noticed the holes in the bottom for legs never had glue in them. The holes drilled through the seat told me why: this was originally an office chair. It had been painted black and one splat rib (back) was missing. I had remnants from a couple of old office chairs at home that I was certain would match up (one company made mechanisms for most office furniture makers) so I made a deal. Local craftsman here made a replacement splat and I bent and stained it to match the rest. Years layer when I was a ranger at Yosemite I took the tour of Mariposa courthouse, the oldest still functioning courthouse in America. In the courtroom something caught my eye: the jurors chairs were duplicates of my office chair (almost - the medallions were eagles and mine are oak trees). The guide thought the chairs were original to the 1849 gold rush era courthouse but I suspect they're considerably younger, probably turn of 20th century. Mine is surprisingly comfortable. I credit the tall back and ergometric shape of splats. It's a heavy beast and once rolled into position it stays put, even on hard surface.


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                  Many fine eating animals are found in Africa, including Springbuck. Gerenuk is among my favorites along with Lesser kudu. As a matter of fact, all the little plains antelope are good eating. Eland is outstanding, tho a huge animal. For trophy purposes, SCI considers four subspecies of Eland, which may be stretching things a bit. I have taken all four and found all good eating.Some Bushmen prepared some Spotted hyena blackstrap covered with sweet sour sauce. The sauce was good, the meat tasted, well, like hyena. Waterbuck is not very good either.
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