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    I have been thinking about this for a while. See, CWD & scrapie have been around for a long time. Scrapie has been known since 1732, maybe longer. CWD was recognized in deer herds in the 60's and called out as TSE in the 70's

    So for decades millions upon millions of deer hunters have eaten tens of millions of deer (maybe hundreds, having either butchered them themselves or had a butcher do it. Is there a higher disease incidence rate or all cause mortality with independent butchers that process game meat?

    "As of 2013, no evidence has been found of transmission to humans from cervids, nor by eating cervids, but both channels remain a subject of public health surveillance and research."

    I have to say, Prions are tricky bastards, and it's not a subject I claim to have any specialized knowledge, but after millions of deer harvested with many many opportunities, it would seem like if people were susceptible to the protein misfolding that cause TSE, we'd have had evidence of direct transmission by now.

    I think a lot of the concern is around how bad it "could be", but so far we've go no evidence that transmission is possible. However, there was research out of Florida I believe that Prions while not technically alive, nor possessing genetic material could technically evolve or adapt very much like viruses. So until we have more info it's hard to say. It could be that CWD prions can never adapt to infect humans. It could also mean it's just a matter of enough time and opportunity.




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