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  • Just a few hours left.

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ID:	717040 Internal clock is three hours off, but this is probably about the time we’ll actually be getting going this week so it’s not a bad thing I’m laying awake in our hotel room right now. Pickup by the outfitter will be before lunch so there’s still some time to kill. Kid can keep working on school work when he wakes up.

    Air travel was happily uneventful, arrived on time without issue. Hotel is right next to the airport so that was easy as well. We noticed a guy on both our flights that was wearing a non-camo hat with an embroidered elk on it, he was checking in with a gun case so I asked him who he was hunting with, turns out he’s going with us. We live about two hours apart. It’s his second time with this outfit and he had good things to say so I’m feeling pretty good. We ended up having lunch together and spent the afternoon swapping stories. He’s in the room next door and we’re meeting for breakfast as well.

    My FIL made good progress, ran into some snow along the way but was seeing lots of mule deer and antelope. He should arrive about the same time as us.

    Stay tuned.......

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    Glad all is going well.
    We're waiting on tales and pics! LOL!
    Concern yourself with the boy and the hunt. There will be time for stories and pics later.


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      Remember, breathe and squeeze that trigger slow. Try not to think about taxidermy bills 😉


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        Originally posted by dewman View Post
        Remember, breathe and squeeze that trigger slow. Try not to think about taxidermy bills 😉
        If I was still in full time taxidermy, I would take offense to those words LOL !!


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          They should have some great weather for tracking. But not so nice if they expect to sit and spot for game. Jeezus it is miserable! 50 mph wind straight out of the north and lots of new snow on the West Side, especially at elevations. Not the best situation for Fitch's father-in-law. He has some medical issues that would be a concern in those conditions. Hoping he does okay. I'm on the move constantly pheasant hunting the East Side and that wicked freezing wind is just too much for me. I need a day off anyway. Ellie tore herself up on a fence Saturday. Finally to the vet today for several stitches. I buggered my knee and back during the night a few days before I left. Trying to do layups in my sleep again I guess. Couldn't dunk a ball during real life but I'm sure wicked in my dreams. Bed linen does its best to block the shots. Having some back spasms and swelling in left knee but better today. Looks like it may be up to Puppy (Fr Brittany) for a while. Doesn't set well with Ellie to be left out. I thought she was dopey enough after the vets to leave her alone in the vehicle while I took Puppy for a short hunt (very short ... brrrrr!). Ellie took out her frustration on one of her bandages and the seatbelts. Damn it! I am getting tired of replacing them. We are finding birds. Shot limits first two days but had to work for them. In comparison, I only shot one daily limit during twelve weeks of hunting 2017 and 2018.




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