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X-treme shed project completed

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  • X-treme shed project completed

    Thought you would all be interested to see how the extreme shed dog project turned out. Desperately working to complete it for client before going back to Montana. This was a real SOB! The faux skull provided by the taxidermy supplier was a POS and required significant modification. It's also too small for these large size antlers. The biggest problem was the size of the antlers. They are so damned awkward to deal with, especially the weight. Wrestling with them kicked up the arthritis in my hands and wrists very badly. Has delayed my trip because I can't close my hands to pick up anything. Thank gawd for Ibuprofen. On the mend this morning. To give some perspective, the trunk behind the mount is 42" long and 24" high. The rack is not hanging on the wall because I couldn't get a forklift down the stairs into the basement. Oh my gosh! Will that damned thing even go up the stairs and around the landing to go out the door? Oh, oh. Stay tuned.

    Also attached is photo of cap mount I just finished for American client who shot this up here a year ago yesterday. Yes, I finished these because the work is simply too heavy for my daughter. Cap skull required a lot of trimming with disk sander on my Shopsmith. Moose skulls are weird. Eye sockets are way out in space. A lot of that has to be cut away or the wrapping will be big as loaf of bread. Then we'd have to use a huge plaque for deer shoulder mounts. Would make the horns look smaller. I used insulation foam for window and door frames to build up the cap dome. Then trimmed it round with disk sander on my drill. Added just a bit of padding under the faux leather. Turned out very nice. Especially for first time.
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