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    We finally arrived in deep bush camp. Had to spend an extra day in
    Dar Es Salaam at the Kilimanjaro Hotel with a lovely view of the busy harbor, then a three and a half hour charter flight to a dirt strip, as we approached below we could see elephant, zebra, and buffalo. Yes, we were in real Safari country and the tsetse were there to greet us along with seven staff and a sturdy, hard used, safari vehicle.
    So far have taken two buff. As planned one was a huge bossed, polished worn down, ancient, Dagga Boy, the other a heavy brute great boss and 42 inch spread. All after great stalks and effort. The 416 Remington with 400 grain TSX has killed cleanly, just like my old 416 Rigby. A surprise I had not counted on we spied a huge Sable and after a great but dicey stalk took him down. He is over 45 inches. Have run out of time will attempt to sent more detail. The 6.5x284 took good care of the Sable.
    Kwaheri, Goodbye for now
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    Happy Miles, it's great to hear from you. Thanks for the update on your travels and hunting! Those buffaloes and sable sound like great hunts and I look forward to hearing more of the details.

    What do you try to keep the tsetse away? Does Deet help?

    Be safe


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      Tanzania sounds fantastic ... but I can do without the tsetse flies. My partner's sable was about 45". That ram was in very sorry state. Cape was scroungy with patches of fur missing. Another one at the end of his rope. The safari outfit had a fabulous 48" ram guaranteed for me at reasonable price if I wanted it. Not a real hunt or wild animal so I declined.

      Keep us posted when you can.


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        Awesome H. Myles!
        "Happy" to hear m'bogo was cooperative. Sounds like a couple of really nice animals.
        Sable with the 6.5×284 has to feel good.

        Take care!
        Good hunting!


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          Pig hunter,
          There is no complete answer for keeping testes fly away. Soak trousers and shirts in Permethrin along with a good quality pair of shooting gloves, also a pair of canvas gaiters. I prefer high quality Egyptian cotton, tight weave medium weight for pants and shirts. No bright colors I like green. No black or blue. DEET helps, must be applied often. Best brand is a Skin So Soft with Deet.

          Have been hunting very hard, have turned down scores of buff most folks would shoot, travel 60 miles a day by vehicle, plus many great but hard stalks. Supposed to be napping but managed to get through. Lots of game variety, good to see many elephant daily. They are coming back here.

          tuta onana, see you later


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            i forgot a couple items. I keep a head net on my ammo belt, it fits in a little stuff sack about the size of a couple golf balls. Even if no tsetse, it is handy to put over my head if trying to nap after lunch in the bush. Secondly I have a mesh bug jacket in my day pack in case things really get grim. Often I will slip the head net over my head, flip the front portion back over my forehead and put my hat over the net, leaving my face uncovered but my ears and neck protected.

            This trip the fly are bothersome not terrible. Using the gear and procedures I have mentioned help immensely.


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              The boys keep a gallon can with a couple turds of smoldering dried elephant dung in the back of the vehicle setting between their legs. The light smoke from this smudge pot keeps the Tsetse at bay
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                Originally posted by Happy Myles View Post
                The boys keep a gallon can with a couple turds of smoldering dried elephant dung in the back of the vehicle setting between their legs. The light smoke from this smudge pot keeps the Tsetse at bay
                I've done the same thing with cow dung. Works very well and doesn't seem to alarm game.


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                  From what I'm reading in the news you may have more to fear in Tanzania than just the dangerous game that walks on four legs.


                  Avoid public places as much as possible. Get in and out of the airport as quick as you can. I'm in the process of booking my second trip now and am keeping a keen eye on events.


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                    God help me. I love to hear these adventure stories. Keep the updates coming boys.


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                      Happy Miles, thank you for describing the various techniques to keep the flies at bay. Of course the small pests are not as bad here in Alabama but swatting at mosquitoes and gnats in the early season is both annoying and can spook game. Ticks and chiggers are also a concern before the first frosts.




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