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Would you hunt a "nilgai"?

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    The ol lady wants a boar on the wall.
    Not gonna say it is what it isn't, but wanted a weekend of fun after hunting seasons close.
    Something to do.
    Checked some high fence places coworkers and others have gone.
    Hunting they say.

    Sure as heck aint in my book.
    Even TV personalities have hunted there.

    Freakin' joke.

    I'll get my bacon from the store.
    More work/effort dealing with the liberals and fat arses there.


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      Apparently, somebody with more butt loads of money thought importing the nilgai was a good idea. At the time they were imported, I'm not sure the Gov't gave a red rat's rear.
      I do know that these things are free range in south Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. Most of that property is private and big ranches.
      But any more, there are a lot of exotics that were held on big, high fence ranches that have escaped and established viable, free range populations.
      Fallow deer and black buck antelope are relatively common.
      Aoudad have become established in huntable populations in Palo Duro Canyon and in the Glass Mountains around Alpine, Texas.

      As for hunting methods, whatever property you happen to be on most probably dictates what method is used. Spot and stalk, stands, etc...

      Regardless, species that once were only available to those wealthy enough to travel abroad are now available to hunters in the U.S..


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        I know a rancher in central Texas who spotted an free-ranging aoudad (Barbary sheep) grazing among his Angora goats about twenty years ago.

        He shot it and had the head mounted on his wall.




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