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I have a question for Sarge01. Back in the '70s I was working on a survey on Cheat Mountain in WVA. In the woods we came upon a

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  • I have a question for Sarge01. Back in the '70s I was working on a survey on Cheat Mountain in WVA. In the woods we came upon a

    I have a question for Sarge01. Back in the '70s I was working on a survey on Cheat Mountain in WVA. In the woods we came upon a DNR Officer tracking a radio collared black bear that had been trapped and transferred to your state from the Adirondacks in NY State. How did that program work out? Do you have a good population of bears there now? That feller was a most interesting man indeed. He had a dream job.

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    The program worked too well. We know have areas that bears are a real problem. We have a early Sept. season. We have bear season during our buck season and then bear season by itself. I know the Officer you are talking about. He was in the county adjacent to the county that I was stationed in. WE used to trap bear and move them, now the problem bears are usually destroyed. I have trapped bears and located them over 300 miles away and they have been right back on the same farm killing sheep in 4 days. The homing instinct is amazing. About the job, I used to tell people I didn't have a job, I had an adventure.


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      I never knew black bear numbers were so low in West Virginia during the early seventies.
      What is it with the early seventies? New Jersey also stopped their black bear hunt in 1970.
      The link below states West Virginia hunters can now shoot two bears a season.


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        Wow, The farm I visit in Braxton County raises Suffolk sheep. He has never seen a bear but they are around. His problem is coyotes.
        Where I live in the north Adirondacks, the bears never survive long because the illegal deer baiters shoot them off their bait piles.


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          Bears are thick where I fish in WV. I believe the hunters success rate is also higher in recent years.


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            Back then we tailored the bear season late in Dec. so the sows would be in their dens and only males would be killed. That worked really well. The bow kill for bear is really high and the opportunities to kill one is really good. Most of our bear kills in the bear gun season are killed with dogs.




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