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The NJ Fish and Wildlife says shoot the first bear you see during NJ bear season even if it’s a cub. All the Game Department ca

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  • The NJ Fish and Wildlife says shoot the first bear you see during NJ bear season even if it’s a cub. All the Game Department ca

    The NJ Fish and Wildlife says shoot the first bear you see during NJ bear season even if it’s a cub. All the Game Department cares about is reducing bear numbers. Black Bears cubs are born in January and February. I had two large three hundred pound sows on my trail camera during the spring time. The New Jersey bear season is in December making those new born cubs ten to eleven months old come hunting season. I have three questions asking what you would do during the bear season. Questions are in my first comment.

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    1. Would you shoot a large three hundred pound sow during bear season that had small cubs the size of large gym bags?

    2. Would you shoot a first year small cub?

    3. Would the cubs ten to eleven months old survive the winter without their mother's protection?


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      1. I personally would not shoot a sow that had any little ones with her. 2. The only way that I would shoot a first year cub is if the area that I am hunting is so over populted that it must be done. 3. I think that the cubs would survive only if they are not shot by another hunter or put down by the game wardens because they have not learned from momma that staying out of yards and trash cans will get you killed, thats because she could not teach them because the game department put a kill order out. Good luck with your choice you will be the one that has to live with it. I hope you get the bear you want and not have to answer any of the questions you asked.


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        IND_NRA, thank you for your honest opinion.

        My three trail cameras have been out since the middle of October. Those spring time giant sows with cubs have moved on. My two large four hundred pound boars on trail cam photos from last year’s hunting season are also gone in the wind.

        I am seeing nothing good on my trail cams but average bears weighing less than 200 pounds.
        I just posted a couple bear photos in the F&S Trophy Room.


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          This is what happens when a state screws around with a bear hunt for several years, over population and then stupid ideas. I would not shoot the sow if I saw cubs with her, especially in the peoples republik of Blue Jersey, these bears are enough trouble to the folks as it is, young bears with out guidance are like teenagers without supervision, nothing but trouble! So the young cubs might survive, but they will grow u to be bear-hoodlums for sure!, and I would shoot an eleven moth old if that was all I could get, but I would not listen to the shoot the first one you see rule as proposed, bad policy for sure, not thought out.


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            I would not shoot the young fawn or cub or the doe or sow it is with to satisfy the population numbers.
            Let New Jersey F&W see just how important hunters are to keep their nuisance calls to a minimum.

            Maybe the anti's will begin to see the important function hunters fulfill.


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              You question brings up three others:
              Is there a real population problem? Hunters can be a very effective management tool if used wisely.
              Would those bears likely be killed by NJ Conservation Officers due to population pressure and conflicts with humans regardless of your choice?
              Does the NJ management authority know what it's doing?
              In the absence of any information about the above I would generally not shoot a sow with cubs or a cub. I passed on two small bears this year with no regrets.
              But if they really want to reduce the population they should let you hunt over the bait not 100yds away.


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                Chuckles, Great Idea! The hundred yards from the bait pile law is stupid!

                A shot taken near a bear pile would be a sure kill but hundred yard shot with a shotgun slug could possibly wound the animal.

                NJ Fish and Game Council are you paying attention to Chuckles from Minnesota?


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                  I no longer hunt bear because I don't care for the meat much and can't get away often enough. I'd rather get away to hunt deer. That said, I fully believe hunter management of bear populations, especially pops. like the one in North Jersey, is warranted, affective and ethical. As far as the 100 yd. rule, I guess i'd invest in a Savage 212. Good luck Gary and Jersey bear hunters.


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                    Thanks Steve, I will need luck. No big bear photos taken on my three trail cameras so far.

                    Deer and Bear shotgun season starts the same week. I like how you’re hunting for two species at the same time. My older brother bagged a nice wide big 8 point buck last year.

                    Next time somebody in your party gets a Pennsylvania or Jersey bear make some hot and sweet sausage.

                    It’s Fantastic!




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