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I have a Black bear roaming around my yard regularly. I have young children so obviously this is a problem. I am an avid hunter,

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    >>rottweiller''s more dangerous to kids than the bear

    I don't where the heck humanity is going to , showing more 'love' for beasts than our own family and kids....

    Since I'm a father of three, this is I would do: (this is NOT a LEGAL ADVICE !)

    1. Call Wildlife Management, probably they will relocate him within 48 hours.

    2, Let the neighbors know about the situation. Probably they will kill it first.

    3. If live in a suburb or your neighbor is closer than 800 yards, forget about shooting, you may kill a person.

    4. If you have good acreage, and 1 & 2 didn't work .....I would shoot it I'm not going to take a risk of checking out if this bear is nice to my kids OR this bear an rare exception and the world would know the fate of my kids in discovery channel. It's not like we are going out in Alaska or in WA woods for bear hunting for thrill of killing, I wouldn't feel bad at all to protect my family or my livestock.

    Also, keep in mind it's a bear, not a deer, 30-06 is my favorite one !

    I may lose 30-50 chickens a year to foxes, coyotes and predators , no one gives a damn how much I cared and work to raise them, ... especially those who work in office and spend their life in netflix, all they say is "oh poor fox", The talk about 'compensation', which basically a BS comparing with the time and efforts you may put .....


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      Those that think that a black bear just won't become aggressive and they automatically run when they see humans likely haven't lived with them very long. I've had them face me down from 30 yards away because I disturbed their adventure into my neighbors hog feed barrel. I have had them clack their teeth at me several times when I cook on the grill because they smell what I'm cooking and they want it. They came into the yard and ate my dog's food before I was aware they were around. There had been very few in the area for over 100 years. Now they are everywhere.

      I have seen my dog (a fiest) chase 2 bears up the hill. I've lost 2 cats to the bears too. I have made up my mind that just being armed when I grill out may not be enough. I live in an area where I can get a shot at the threatening bear if I want. I wouldn't think of shooting one I didn't think was a threat but the truth is there are more bear attacks than the tree huggers in the forest service etc. will tell you about. People have learned the 3 S rule. Shoot, shovel and shut up. I just read that 7 people were attacked by bears in Montana in one year and that's the reported attacks. How many go unreported?

      If the bear isn't acting in a threatening manner please leave it alone. If it threatens you in any way take steps to get rid of it. The game warden should be your first call. If that doesn't work there are other ways. They still sell bear traps for example. And they still sell rifles with enough power to do the job. 30.06 is plenty for a black bear or a 12 ga. with a dangerous game load. Black bears aren't that hard to kill really. Don't break any laws whatever you do. But if it's a choice of breaking a law or having your kids threatened the choice is obvious.




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