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I got into a spirited debate with a friend about ethical hunting distances. I was wondering what you guys thought? I will weight

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    I wrote a piece on this last year referencing long shots with a bow. I would be pleased if you were to check it out at
    Although it was written for bow shots the basics behind my ethics equally apply to rifle hunting.

    Essentially, each hunter has a different effective range and they need to stick to that range regardless of weapon. This range may vary upon conditions. just because you pulled off a long range shot once under good conditions, does not mean you shot expect the same results under more adverse conditions. therefore, I take a more conservative approach on windy days for example. High cross winds can push a bullet or arrow drastically at the limits of my range. So if I feel comfortable at 50 yards with my bow under perfect conditions, with a 30 mph crosswind, I reduce my range to 30-35 yrds.

    Know yourself, know your equipment, know the conditions, and most importantly know the limitations of each. If you can make the shot, go for it. Any doubt, and pass.


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      We each have limits. It's up to each individual to "find" their limit, learn how to operate "within" those limits and work to expand those limits.
      As for archery. I've made some shots that would make Byron Ferguson proud! When I started shooting a compound, M.K. insisted I put a "sight" on it. I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn! Years later, I gave the compound away and picked up the longbow and went back to instinct shooting. I'm much happier now and the 50/60 yard shot I passed on with the sighted compound are a piece of cake with my longbow.

      "Ethical" range? It's different for each and every one of us.


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        Bubba, a 50/60 yard shot with a flying broadhead on an arrow. You must spend a lot of time tracking game. lol


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          Ethical range is the range at which you know you can place your shot in a vital zone for a quick, painless kill. It varies depending on your weapon and your skill. Some people miss deer at 10 yards; some people never miss them at 500 yards and beyond.

          There is really no specificethical range but I have found that ethical range tends to increase as we learn to shoot better and as we use better equipment designed for longer range accuracy and control.


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            It all depends on the shooters equiptment, skill, knowledge of bullet flight and the right amount of training. If you haven't practiced the shot on a target first, chances are it's probably not an ethical shot, no matter what the range, limitations are lines in the sand not to be crossed without practice first. Cripple an animal and you could just be painting a target on it's back for the coyotes in the area.




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