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I'm going feral pig hunting next weekend for the first time and wonder what's the best time of day to hunt them, and any pointer

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  • I'm going feral pig hunting next weekend for the first time and wonder what's the best time of day to hunt them, and any pointer

    I'm going feral pig hunting next weekend for the first time and wonder what's the best time of day to hunt them, and any pointers? All advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Where ya huntin', Krusty and is there much hunting pressure on them piggies?
    It don't take much pressure to make 'em go noctural. A little more pressure and they'll head for greener pastures! That pack will be replaced, in time, with a new bunch.
    Most states have permits available to hunt at night with lights. Even better if somebody along knows the territory.
    Things to remember about ferals:

    They're tough, but they AIN'T bulletproof! A .30-30 class weapon does quite well.
    DO NOT corner one bare handed! He'll win every time!
    They're easiest hunted with a pack of dogs! (best be tough dawgs, too!)
    If you're fortunate enough to kill a sow with piglets, sit down and wait. They'll come back to momma and they are the best eatin'!
    Best I ever had field dressed 3#'s! I REALLY like those in the 10/15# class.
    Good luck and kill 'em all!


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      I have found here in Fl early morning or Evening 6:30esh
      to be the best time to Hunt Hogs.& Ditto F/Buber.


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        We'll be in Arizona chasing them. My cousin has been scouting the area and thinks that they haven't had to much pressure on them so we're hopeful. Luckily green pastures are few and far between in AZ, so if they split, we'll know where to head them off.


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          Late (almost dark) afternoons and early mornings (butt crack of dawn) will be best for stand/still hunting.
          Up in the heat of the day, they'll be laid up in dense thickets/brush, especially if there is water nearby. It's a really good time to slip into the cover from downwind! You can smell 'em way before you see 'em! You'll need a semi auto/lever in a low recoil round (.30-30 is superb!) and iron sights. When you "bust" 'em out of cover, it's like a porcine quail shoot! ...and it'll be over quik! BUT! Talk about a RUSH!
          My "pig" rifle is a Ruger Ranch in 6.8mm Rem SPC.
          Beware! Pigs "is" spookier than any whitetail ever hoped to be! LOL!


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            Thanks fellas for your advice, hopefully we are able to bag a few Saturday. Even if we get skunked, it will be good to get away from work and out of the house for a few days.


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              Arkansas feral hogs can be hunted year round day or night with or without dogs.




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