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Our Father enjoyed hunting big-game for several years, and read various hunting magazines. Sadly, he passed away in Nov 2008. He

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  • Our Father enjoyed hunting big-game for several years, and read various hunting magazines. Sadly, he passed away in Nov 2008. He

    Our Father enjoyed hunting big-game for several years, and read various hunting magazines. Sadly, he passed away in Nov 2008. He collected numerous heads from his hunting days, including one of each: blackbuck, scimitar horned oryx, elk, fallow, pronghorn, boar, etc. The heads are professionally taxidermied. My brother and I are the next of kin and plan to sell these heads, as we cannot keep most of them. Can you please offer some guidance to us in selling the heads? Any information would be helpful, including where might be a good place to post an announcement, a recommended selling price per head, what information a buyer wants to know about the head, etc. I appreciate your help. Thank you! Best wishes, Ann-Kristin (daughter) Erik (son)

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    Sorry to hear about the loss of your father. He sounds like the kind of guy that would get along well with the chaps from this site.

    I ran into the same problem you have a couple years back when the neighbor passed and left all of his heads for his wife to take care of. She ended up putting them on Ebay and received a fair amount for them.

    How much each head will go for depends upon the trophy quality of the mount.


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      I called a couple of the largest Taxidermy Studios in the country. Their suggestions were Ebay, Cabelas Chain Stores (or catalog) and Scheels Stores, both of these buy some heads for decor. I too am sorry for the loss of your father. Best Wishes



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        Interestingly, Both studios I called indicated the estate issue is a a frequently asked question, but they had no interest in that business. I give both a lot of business, so I "m sure they were listening.


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          Ebay is a good bet. I'd aim for about $250 per. Also i see them in the classifieds in the newspaper from time to time.


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            Same as Steve182 and the rest said, alternatively you could give them to a non profit and write off the deduction, it will help offset any inheritence tax you may have to pay later.


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              Sorry for your lost. I would have a hard time selling the mounts that my grandfather and father shot over the years. Each one has its own story that they told me and every time that I see the horns it takes me back to the story. My advice is too really think that if its something you really want to do? Cause once you sell them they are most likely go forever. I'm sure each one of your Dads mount has a story that he told you. When I have kids I would love to be able to show them the mounts and tell them the same stories. If you still want to sell them I agree with the rest of the guys. One thing you could do is check into (not sure if you live in a rural area or not) mabe check with the local tarverns and bars that your dad mabe hangout at. This way the mounts are still close to home and the locals can tell storys about that animal to others to help your dads spirtit for hunting stay alive. Agian sorry for your lost sounds liked a great hunter.


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                If you just gotta sell Ebay is your best bet. Unless you have something huge recordwise Cabela's probably wouldn't be interested.
                I agree with Kyle if you don't want to keep them there are lots of places that would put them on display. Hate to think what my wife will do with mine. Sorry you lost your dad. Hang on to his mounts that is a piece of him you can see everyday.


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                  My taxidermist says that Cabelas doesn't give much for their mounts.


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                    Ann-Kristen and Erik-

                    Your Father must have been a passionate hunter and outdoor enthusiast,with a taste for the exotics.You both must be very proud of him! I hope you both have journeyed in his footsteps.

                    Dad sounds like the type of man, that had many friends, that enjoyed his companionship. Out of respect for his friends,it probably would be a wise choice to offer the trophy's to them first.

                    Sometimes it takes a man or woman hunter,of like convictions and kindred spirits, to find the true value of such items ... especially family,friends and even acquaintances that share the same desires and pursuits.

                    Perhaps,a restauranter, would find the mounts most interesting and be willing to purchase them at a reasonable fee.

                    Sell them if you must! Ebay is probably the most lucrative way to go,if lucre is of main concern.

                    Condition!Condition! Condition!

                    Continue to do your homework before finalizing any transacton,as there just may be a world record in your Father's collection,just waiting to be re-discovered...

                    There are places that pay handsomely for record mounts.

                    Could you possibly describe the collection in finer detail?

                    Are there any whitetail mounts?

                    What part of the country did your Dad hunt?



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                      Ebay or talk to local bars, hotels, or restaurants. Usally places like this want something different to hang on the wall.


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                        Bass Pro Shops are also looking for mounts at this time, I also liked the idea of some place local that way you could "vist" them. I'm very sorry for your loss. Please accept my condolenences.


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                          Bars and local gun shops or outdoor stores are usual always looking for new head mounts to decerate with start there.


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                            Maybe try a few hunting lodges. Although, this may be more time/work than it is worth. Those places probably look around on Ebay for that type of item. The auction style sale will probably get you right around what it is worth on the market, but if you have a price in mind, maybe try Craig's list- could be worth a shot since its free. Ebay is going to get you for around 5%, plus another 3% if you they use paypal, plus a listing fee. Ends up being more than you think, but still cheaper than the local paper.




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