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Lynx Shotgun Problems

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  • Lynx Shotgun Problems

    The Lynx shotgun is a Chinese clone of a Saiga 12 with an adjustable gas block. I am having problems with the trigger group. It fires, the bolt, comes back, loads a new shell, goes into battery, and then nothing happens. There isn't even a click. It does this regardless of whether I am holding the trigger down or not. My longest string of fire was 5 rounds out of a 10 round magazine. All I can think of is that the hammer is riding the bolt and not catching. Is this a problem that anyone has seen in the Lynx or AK platforms? Any help is appreciated.

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    Hi, I don't know, but I would take it to a gunsmith. You will get a big surprise if it decides to go full auto.


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      I'm not that familiar with the AK platform. But, I've seen other semi autos do something similar and the problem was the firing pin sticking from a solidified lubricant. A good cleaning could solve the problem if you know how to take the bolt apart. Otherwise, Jimbo's suggestion of having a gunsmith look at it is a really good idea.

      EDIT: Doing a quick web search, it seems the Saiga is prone to breaking firing pins. I don't know if that's a common issue with the Lynx but it is something else to look for when the bolt is disassembled
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