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  • Eastern Arms Co. Double barrel

    I've just received my Grandfathers double barrel 12ga shotgun and was looking on finding more information out on it. Now it has a pat date of April 20th 1915, but I was trying to find out when it was manufactured. Maybe to find out to see if it was really my great Grandfathers gun to start out and was handed down to my Grandfather. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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    Interesting qball.
    Nice looking older gun. The barrels don't appear to be Damascus twist, but I'd still have a qualified gun smith look it over real good before using it.
    It's a "box lock".
    The "Eastern Arms" brand name isn't common. Sounds like a "store gun".
    In the era your gun was made, it was common for gun manufacturers to produce "affordable" firearms of dubious quality.
    Many of those guns were marked with the sellers name. i.e. Sears, Montgomery Wards, etc.
    I think that's what you have.
    Again, find a good gunsmith and have them evaluate it before use.

    P.S. - come back and let us know what you find out.
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      If it is not listed in the Blue Book of Gun Values it is probably only valuable as a sentimental shotgun. A lot of stores had firearms made for them like Western Auto, etc. and they usually are not of any great monetary value. Clean it up and hang it on the wall and then give it to your kid as a heirloom. I would not shoot it unless a competent person checks it out. Sometimes the old guns take off size shells that are not made anymore. Good Luck.


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        The brand was sold by Sears for many years early 20th century and made for them by Stevens. The patent date doesn't mean much ... unless it compares exactly to a Fox patent date. Fox clone shotguns can be somewhat collectable. If it has a serial number I suggest contacting Savage to see if they have the records from Stevens Co. (which they acquired). If they do then they can put a date of manufacturer and possibly even who the retailer was who ordered the gun. You may yet be able to establish a family connection beyond your grandfather. Good luck.




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