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Hey after school today I was walking outside when a couple teachers, one with a handful of 12 gauge shells, came up to a kid tha

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  • Hey after school today I was walking outside when a couple teachers, one with a handful of 12 gauge shells, came up to a kid tha

    Hey after school today I was walking outside when a couple teachers, one with a handful of 12 gauge shells, came up to a kid that i know. they started asking him if they were his because other kids said they saw the ammunition fall out of his coat pocket. I know the kid, and he likes to shoot bluerock. he admitted that the shells might of been his and that he hadn't worn that coat since the last time he shot bluerock. It was an entire accident. What kind of punishment could this result in? Any similar stories?

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    Sure, I once brought my shotgun to school in the trunk of my car. I had shot trap the previous afternoon and had forgotten to take it out of my trunk. This was post Columbine and had it been found I would have been expelled and most likely faced criminal charges. It truly could have changed my life. There was no malice intended, just forgetting to take a legal, unloaded, cased firearm out of the trunk of my car.


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      I think that kid could be in for a whole lot of trouble if the schoole board sucks. I heard a storie of a student who had a box-cutter in the trunk of his car. The police or security or someone found it and he was expelled and even sento jail. I don't know where this was at, but don't think it would happen anywhere. Onece when I was in fifth grade I went to school after I had been shooting a 22LR the day before. I had left about 10 or fifteen rounds of ammo in my pocket. Thankfully I didn't get caught with it, but if I had I don't know what would have happened. I hope to God that your friend does not get in trouble for accidently bringing those cartridges to school. And the teachers only wanted to return them to him.


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        What ever happened to the goo old days when you could bring your 22 to school for after-school frog huntin' and rat shootin'?


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          Unfortunately, in today's rediculous society, where schools overreact enormously, this good kid could get suspended. I read of a kindergardener who got suspended for drawing a picture of a gun, so anything's possible. It's a sad world we live in these days.


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            the world is becomeing just plain old pathtic


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              I'm sure he could be punished a little to harsh ie being expelled. Oddly enough when I was in high school I had to bring in some shotgun shells to help another student with a shop project at the request of a teacher this was also post columbine. I used to get around the having a gun in my vehicle so I could leave straight from school to go hunting by parking a block away and walking.


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                A kid down the road was charged with bringing weapons to Middle School and had to serve a day in In-School Suspension. It seems that he had a pocketful of unpopped pop corn and was throwing it at other kids in the crowded corridors between changes of class. I suppose if it had been popped first he would have only been charged with littering.


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                  He could get in trouble IF he admits to it. I would tell him and his parents to tell the school to prove that they were his. If they were on the ground they could belong to any one. If they were by his car, well they could have been placed there. If the school pushes the issue I would have him contact a lawyer, because the shells COULD have come from anywhere.


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                    Hmmm... While everybody is either telling one how to get out of it, or even lie, I think that person smells of stupid.

                    12 ga. shells are heavy. I'm not sure exactly what you consider a "handful", but there would be no way to "accidentaly" go to school with a pocketful. Walking out of the house with one side of your jacket banging into your knees would give you a hint.

                    So, after that, this dense person is ambling around school, apparently with enough shells that he can't keep them from falling out. And near a teacher. It sounds like he took them to school deliberately to "show and tell".

                    So this is either a setup, or about the dumbest kid on record. Anyone who is old enough to shoot should have been screened by their parents to know if they're smart enough to shoot. My father always taught me to keep track of my ammo, as there were smaller cousins always around. Same with the Corps. I have never, ever in my life had unaccounted for rounds just "laying about". Even when 10 years old.

                    I really don't see an issue with those who have locked guns in trunks. They are secure, and out of sight. Low key is the way to play anything today. Years ago I would have had a H&K bumper sticker, or NRA, or some such, but I don't draw attention to my vehicles anymore. So the only reason someone in authority would search your vehicle to start with would only be if you gave them suspicion to do so.


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                      With the school shootings that have happened in the past, they would probably blow this out of proportion. The people who got hurt from the school shootings, besides the victims (God Bless them), were hunters.


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                        Gotta agree with Jeff4066 on this one. I highly doubt he didn't notice the shells. He should get suspended for being a dumba$$. I know alot of you might not agree, but if my kids are at school and there is a gun or ammunition brought on school grounds, I want that kid suspended. The youth these days deal with issues differently than we did. When I was a kid and we had a problem, we got in a good old fashioned fist fight. Now kids use guns or knives.I personally blame the parents for not raising them the right way. Maybe if parents were able to disipline kids the right way, instead of having social services called on them, we wouldn't have some of the problems we are experiencing now days. Accident or not, you have to be held accountable for your own actions!


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                          Wallofsam seems to bring me to think about all the questions like these and the sense that they divide the responses into two groups;

                          -The kids who think that nothing is serious, and loaded guns/ammo thrown around is harmless, and

                          -Those older people who have youngun's we have tried to raise without them becoming axe-murderers.

                          Schools especially have a range of young, impressionable, and naturally curious minds. The most severely ignorant part of the original question was; "It was entirely an accident" (or the meaning thereof, if not the wording).

                          Now, a teacher confronting this student is WAY more preferable to another younger one picking up a few shells, thinking; "Hey, these are like what daddy uses!".

                          Now this one goes home, gets daddy's Remington, (except daddy always had the shells secured) and next thing you know... BANG!

                          "Wow! Sorry about the hole in the wall, mommy! Mommy?"


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                            i totally think that kid should get in trouble because if he doesnt maybe he will think that its ok and that he can bring them again without getting in trouble.

                            and by the way nice speech jeff4066


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                              Thank you. I try not to rant and rail against people, but safety is the most important thing a person could ever learn.

                              I've been an Instructor, a range coach, line officer, and M60 instructor/coach. The stupidest things start out very small. There are probably others here who have actually seen another person shot.

                              True story... On the firing line one day, a Marine has a jam. *click* No fire. The coach comes over, cranks the charging handle, says; "Try again." *click* The Marine is sent to the armory table in the center of the line behind the sound shed. He hands the rifle to the armorer, who flips over the rifle, and; *BANG*. The round hits a troop sitting on a bench waiting his turn.

                              There was a lot of pointing, blaming, and accusing by the time the entire thing got put together.

                              Who do you think was at fault? The answer; everyone.

                              1) The Marine did not ensure the chamber was empty before leaving the firing line. He also did not put a flag ( plastic L-shaped piece used to ensure safety ) into the chamber.

                              2) The coach was paying attention to another shooter, and did not verify that the flag was set on the rifle.

                              3) The armorer did not first do a visual check for "daylight in the barrel" before checking the operation.

                              -The actual initial issue was a failure of a round to fully chamber due to dirt. Failure to catch the extractor left the round partly chambered. Possible banging it about finally seated the round enough for the hammer to hit.

                              So the ONLY person involved in this who did nothing wrong is the one who ended up with the round in him.




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