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The Garand Sniper Rifle.

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  • The Garand Sniper Rifle.

    The M1D Sniper Rifle, the most lethal version of the M1 Garand.

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    The Garand was the finest battle rifle of its time , semi auto ,stripper clip fed 8 round magazine . Bolt remained opened for quick reloading it was praised by George Patton as well as infantry men who carried it into combat. My uncle a WW II Vet who was on 7 beach invasions during the war loved the rifle. All that being said I believe it is a poor choice for a sniper weapon ,built more for a high rate of fire more than accuracy , a side mounted optic and a noisy clip expulsion ! All make it a poor choice for a sniper rifle. It’s a fun video and a nice look at the Garand . Thanks 99


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      Good point.


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        The M1 was a phenomenal rifle for combat use. However, when I think of sniper use, my first expectation would be precision. Although I consider the M1D to be better than a cave man's club, in the 1950s configuration the M1D shown is NOT much of a sniper rifle. I would expect better precision from the Springfield or M-1917 Enfield, especially if they used a known good barrel.

        Key issues:
        1. The 2.5x optic and reticle is a terrible choice for precision aiming at long range. They won't see their target well and the reticle will likely cover the whole target at 500 yards. Fine for close quarters combat but a sniper???
        2. The 30-06 Ball ammo of the time was not a good choice for precision ammo. The shot-to-shot variance in the ammo was too great for precision shooting. If the snipers of the time used a proven accurate barrel, they should have had little trouble shooting precisely at 500 yard human-sized targets.
        3. The barrels used were likely too imprecise for predictable shooting at long range although if they were culled, good barrels did exist.
        4. The gas powered auto-loading made the shot-to-shot variance too great for long range precision, although it might be good enough to hit a human sized target at 500 yards. .

        As you would expect, modern optics, barrels and ammo far exceed what they had to work with in 1950. Using even an AR15 (with a high precision barrel), I would expect 100% hit rate on 500 yard 6" targets. The variable magnification scopes and incremental reticles of today would make a BIG difference.

        I would not have traded off sniper precision for the auto-loading feature but that's just me. The Marines were smart enough to use a 4x scope and that would have helped a lot. Nowadays, I use a 6-24X for prairie hunting and p-dogs out to 100 yards and for serious precision I use 60x variable scopes to get 2" 5-shot groups at 1000 yards. That is simply good optics, good barrel and precision ammo tuned to the rifle. Magazine fed bolt actions give a sniper a plenty fast rate of fire.




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