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Straight walled cartridges?

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  • Straight walled cartridges?

    So the place where I may have time to hunt this year is a restricted zone. No high power rifles. Slugs or straight wall or muzzleloader. Have lost interest in building a slug gun. No plans to hunt up north ever. Not fooling with my muzzleloader. So straight wall it is. Thinking about building a 350 legend upper. Have several lowers to put it on. Also have enough extra parts around that about all I need to buy is barrel. Anyone have one shot one any experience with the 350. Thank you.

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    I have some Dawg owing to all the cousins and uncles I have in southern Michigan. (Same rules) Was there first week of June. They all have converted to the 350 Legend from the 450 Bushmaster and the 20 ga sabot slug.(savage 220 to be exact) they are very content. Have shot maybe 20 rds myself, little stiffer than a 30-30, not much, certainly comfortable. They say performance is noticeably better than a 30-30 but not overly destructive. I believe they are closing in on 30 deer and I know of 3 bears they've taken with one. I think you'll be happy if you go that route.


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      I would only have one concern.
      If they are so anal retentive they only allow straight walled cartridges, what are they gonna say about an AR?
      I agree, the regs don't say anything about rifle. Only the cartridge.
      Heck yeah, dude! I'm all about using AR's for deer .... and the .350 Legend fits the category!


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        No experience with the round, but ammo seems to be readily available so that’s a definite plus.


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          My son has a 350 legend build on a AR lower and he loves s it. Pretty much same situation , hates slug guns and can use a straight wall cartridge in Delaware and Maryland ( former shotgun only counties ).His shots where he hunts are 150 yards in so the 350 legend fits his needs . Dawg all I can say is he like most of us has many rifles but he is really excited using it this upcoming season . Good luck with your build.


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            Milldawg: Forgot to ask, Branson trip go well?


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              I haven't shot the 350 Legend but I shot a 35 Remington for several years for thick timber hunting. The muzzle velocities for both these are almost identical in bullet style and velocity. The 35 Rem is easily my favorite for midwestern brush hunting. I used the heaviest round nosed bullet I could get to cut through brush with less deflection than any bullet I've ever shot. For the 350 Legend, it would probably be the 180g Power Point. I used a 2.5X scope with a wide field of view for picking up running deer quickly or for finding them in thick brush. It was more than enough for white tails since most thick timber shots were under 150 yards. Unlike slugs, it has some shock factor and puts them down for good with any decent shot. Recoil is light so I'd recommend building as light a rifle as possible to make it easy to maneuver in thick brush (similar to a 30-30).

              I've shot a couple deer with the 35 caliber that I never could have gotten with a 25-06 or a .270 because of the thick brush. My most extreme case was a buck that stopped at 100 yards and looked back at me. Because of heavy brush cover, all I could see of him was his head. I aimed between his eyes and shot. I hit him exactly between both eyes after the bullet had trimmed quite a bit of brush on the way. I was a bit surprised to see that it had zipped through a 3" limb half way to the deer. You will never get that kind of performance out of a spire tipped bullet in any caliber.

              For that kind of deer hunting, the 350 Legend will be hard to beat. I know it sounds ridiculously slow for a 25-06 shooter but keep in mind that it needs to crash through brush at times and ranges are seldom beyond 100 yards. Have fun with your build and please let us know what you think of it.


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                Originally posted by dewman View Post
                Milldawg: Forgot to ask, Branson trip go well?
                Expensive as all get out. It’s definitely a place for people with kids. None of the kids or grandkids went with us. We are not concert or dinner theater people. We did take the 20 minute helicopter ride one few helicopter rides I’ve been on where I didn’t have to fast rope out of it I’ve even rappelled out of a couple. Anyways. Rented a slingshot for 8 hours neat to ride but wouldn’t own one. Found some American made tools and bought a few. The pawn shops were a let down. The gun stores were few and far between bass pro well it’s bass pro you have been to one you’ve been to them all. It was just not really our speed. But you don’t know until you try. Beautiful country for sure. Traffic was terrible. But that was to be expected our hotel was a disappointment. Nice people clean town. It was not was I was expecting. If I we ever go back the grandkids will have to go watching them have fun would be worth it for me. It was nice get away for a few days we came back early I was missing the grandkids.


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                  Should have given you a list of gunshops/ pawnshops who have big selections as well as deceptive names(Hobbytime Motorsports in Bolivar for example) I have at least 20 on my check out list.
                  I was under the impression it Was a FAMILY vacation. Yes it gets boring quick if it's just me and the mrs. as well.
                  Not all Bass pros have the NRA Firearm Museum, Archery Hall of Fame, and collection of World Record Deer heads. And did you miss the giant aquarium built right beside/ into it? They are all NOT the same my friend. Someone getting grumpy in their old age? 😉Stay safe


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                    Grumpy yes and the boss never wanted to make the trip to Springfield.


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                      Ths straight wall mandate some places have, IMHO, came about from the initial concept of Pistol Cartridge Rifles (PCR). Short to mid range cartridges.

                      Indiana started out with that. Used to be pretty much a "shotgun" state.

                      Advances in shotgun ammo technology extended the range and accuracy. Comparable to PCR.
                      Indiana started w a .35 cal or larger, 1.16 to 1.625" cartridge spec (think .357 mag to .44 mag stuff).

                      But they later opened it to 1.8 max (allowing for the .460 Smith and Wesson).
                      But they didn't have a straight wall mandate, so a trimmed .35 rem became popular.
                      There also were hot rodders (always a small %) that made some WSSM wildcats.

                      PCR here and elsewhere became popular.
                      Politically it projects the concept of short/mid range (sporting) and safety (compared to HP rifles).

                      It does allow decent ballistics, offers hunters more options (retain hunters due to renewed interest, trying different platforms- new and classic, reduced recoil compared to shotguns w slugs).

                      The concern of AR usage......a rifle is a rifle. While some might think an MSR is scary, that's their problem. A rifle is a rifle. Not everybody is a Fudd.
                      With the gain in popularity- becoming more visible - the supposed shock value has been reduced.

                      .350 Legend in an AR.....or some other rifle......if my kid w health issues wants to hunt deer I'll buy one and put it on a tripod. Comparable to .35 rem......itd be a dandy. I run a .35 rem and its wonderful.
                      My farthest shot so far in the thicket has been 75 yards, a thread the needle.
                      Ive never subscribed to brush busting, dunno if thats a thing or not.
                      The fat medium V bullet swats deer and makes a boom and not a roar. Feels like a 20 ga field load.

                      Im older and battling shoulder issues. I can still shoot boomers, and like all sorts of rifles.
                      I would NOT choose an AR for hunting deer as the ergonomics and me don't mesh.
                      Prefer "regular" stuff.

                      My beat up 760 in .35 rem is dang near a magic wand in the deer woods. But then reg Remington stuff fits me very well.

                      Guy I know ran a .350 legend in a RAR and he killed two deer and liked the performance.
                      Changed to an AR in .350 legend for this season.

                      An AR in .350 legend might be a good all arounder. Deer and HD.


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                        As an "off-the-wall", do these states that have straight wall restrictions also have case length restrictions?
                        If there are no case length restrictions, that would make the .458 Win Mag legal.


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                          Indiana has no straight wall mandate.

                          For their PCR regs its .35 cal.and up, 1.16 to 1.8 case length.

                          They have criteria for HP rifle deer cartridges as well. Think the max case length is 3 people dont run .50 bmg LOL
                          Last edited by CD2; 07-29-2022, 01:37 PM.


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                            I am still on the fence about a .450 BM.

                            CDNN had stainless #1s for a bit
                            Kinda ugly but usable, and a base if I wanted to change it later.

                            Then again, I could go w a reg Home in .44 mag and ream to
                            445 supermag.

                            If i hunted a straight wall state. Now that i have reliable wheels im open to hunting out of state.


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                              I still haven't taken a deer or pig with the .357 Maximum. It's low recoil in a Handi-Rifle. Back to public land for me this coming season so that may be my primary until something is killed with it.




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