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    Dakota, you are comparing apples and oranges. Remington CoreLokt bullets are fine tuned for a variety of calibers shooting deer in the woods from 0 to around 300 yds depending on caliber, not shooting a mile into the next zip code.
    BTW, I have shot a lot of Hornady and in my experience they leave the most amount of copper fouling of any manuf., Nosler is the least (if you notice they also have the highest polish finish). Also, Nosler has to two other advantages. First they are the most consistent weights in a box per my analytical balance that weighs to .01gr. Some Mfg bullets might range from + - 2, 3 or more grains depending on caliber. Second, they achieve the closest actual performance in velocity where measured in an actuial rifle, published in their Manual for the load listed.
    When they say, for example, a .223 with x bullet/weight and a specific powder and charge you will get 2XXX fps, you will get Very Very Close (as measured by my two chronographs) and, you can take that to the bank - er Range.
    Worst are Speer, Lyman and for some loads Hornady - in an older Manual there is a pistol load that is TWICE the max load of any other Manual. Maybe a typo, but it is a load that will blow up any weak pistol. Speer has some loads that will, when compressed, not even fit in a case, letalone seat a bullet.
    This is why when working up a load I always use three major Co. Manuals and throw out the flyer, if any.
    I hope these observations will help any new reloaders to a successful reloading endeavor.
    I have loaded 3,000 avg metalic rounds per year for longer than I can remember in an array of cloae to 20 cartridges. My inventory has at some times been close to 75 lb of powder and thousands of bullets. My last primer count was around 20,000. Not bragging, just showing my experience level.
    Be safe and enjoy. Carry on. Jim


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      Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post

      Dakota, I don't believe Remington made Silver tips, they did make Bronz points (of which I have a 100). I think it was Winchester that made Silver tips.
      jimbo, you are dead right. I apologize. They WERE WInchester Silver Tips that dad used on that buck. Lost my mind there for a moment. Thanks for the correction. I remember seeing all three bullets splattered against the near side of the neck bone, mushroomed bigger than a half dollar piece.




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