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    Solid bullets turned on a CNC lathe just like the old Partitions used to be made.

    Weatherby Orion O/U now in 20ga with scaled down receiver. Several models.

    Go to Weatherby . com

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    How to obtain the Weatherby Accuracy Guarantee.What is the accuracy guarantee of my Weatherby rifle?


    Weatherby Guarantees SUB-MOA Accuracy within Two-Years of Verified Purchase Date to Original Purchaser.

    All Weatherby® Mark V​® rifles and Vanguard​® ​Series 2 ​rifles are guaranteed to shoot a .99″ or better 3-shot group at 100 yards from a cold barrel when used with premium (non-Weatherby calibers) or Weatherby factory ammunition. Together, the Weatherby system (premium ammunition and rifle) forms the flattest shooting, hardest hitting, most accurate combination in the industry today.

    If you are experiencing accuracy problems, then please follow the subsequent steps to either correct or identify the issue.

    Accuracy Checklist
    • BREAK-IN: Confirm that firearm has completed suggested break-in procedure and proper maintenance. Improper use or owner modifications to the firearm voids the guarantee and warranty.
    • ACTION SCREWS: Confirm that these screws are tight. Hand-laid Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber stocks, verify that the screws are torqued to 55 inch-lbs, while Wood and Synthetic stocks should be torqued to 35 inch-lbs. (See attachment for torquing procedures)
    • SCOPE MOUNTS: Use a quality set of scope mounts, and verify that they have been securely mounted to the firearm.
    • SCOPE: Use a quality, tested scope, and verify that it is securely mounted to the firearm.
    • AMMUNITION: Test fire the rifle using only premium or Weatherby factory ammunition. Please see attached lists for our recommendations.
    • CROWN: Verify that the barrel’s crown is free of any dings, gouges or large scratches.
    • CLEAN BARREL: Use a trusted copper solvent, such as Sweet’s 7.62, to thorough clean the bore (follow manufacturers instructions for any brand used).


    If all of the preceding components have been checked, and are known to be working properly, then please call the Weatherby Customer Service Department at 1-307-675-7840 for an RMA number.



    Our gunsmiths will perform a safety and function check, adjust the trigger for weight and creep (if necessary), clean the bore (if necessary), and check the stock for proper fit. Once these areas have been checked, then the gun will be test-fired for Accuracy in our state-of-the-art shooting range, using the Oehler 83 Ballistic Imaging System. If the firearm does not meet factory specifications for accuracy due to a defect in workmanship or materials, then the gun will be repaired or replaced under warranty. However, if the accuracy issues are found to have been caused outside of Weatherby’s control, or if the gun is found to shoot within factory specifications, the $200 range fee will be applied.
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      Soome other tips that may be helpfulWhat does Weatherby recommend as a break in procedure?

      On Our Mark: Episode 11 - Barrel Break-In

      Barrel break-in can be performed through a number of different procedures. It is important to note that our testing shows that not all barrels require the same amount of break-in. Many of our Weatherby rifles get close to their accuracy potential during break-in but accuracy continues to improve with more shooting.

      We suggest a 20 shot break-in, utilizing two different factory loads (load 1 and load 2) to begin understanding desired barrel accuracy. If desired, after the break-in, begin experimental shooting with different factory loads as each barrel's accuracy is dependent on load and bullet combinations.

      Our procedure is as follows:
      1. Clean the barrel*
      2. Fire 3 shots (Load 1)
      3. Clean the barrel*
      4. Fire 3 shots (Load 2)
      5. Clean the barrel*
      6. Fire 3 shots (Load 1)
      7. Clean the barrel*
      8. Fire 3 shots (Load 2)
      9. Clean the barrel*
      10. Fire 3 shots (Load 1)
      11. Let Barrel Cool
      12. Fire 5 shots (Load 2)
      13. Clean the Barrel*

      *Recommended Bore Cleaning Procedure:
      1. Run several patches with bore cleaner/copper solvent down the barrel
      2. Brush the barrel with at least 10 strokes
      3. Run 2 patches soaked in bore cleaner/copper solvent
      4. Brush the barrel with at least 5 strokes
      5. Run patches soaked in bore cleaner/copper solvent through until patches come out clean
      6. Run 2 dry patches through the barrel
      7. Run a small amount of lubricant through the barrel before storage


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        Checked screws had them come loose on my rifle mid hunting season. Quality rings quality scope. Properly mounted. Used the same ammo as the test target showed. Shot it a bunch and cleaned like I always do. Turns out 3/4 groups. It’s the rifle not me.


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          Good Shooting !

          When I was a kid we used to consider a 2" group a WOW. Now a lot of rifles are much better. I have a 7mmRemMag Remington 700 that I shot a 1" group at 300yds.


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            Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post
            Good Shooting !

            When I was a kid we used to consider a 2" group a WOW. Now a lot of rifles are much better. I have a 7mmRemMag Remington 700 that I shot a 1" group at 300yds.
            it is rather amazing what factory produced guns can accomplish now days.


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              Good Shooting !

              When I was a kid we used to consider a 2" group a WOW. Now a lot of rifles are much better. I have a 7mmRemMag Remington 700 that I shot a 1" group at 300yds.


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                I own 4 Mark V and 1 Vanguard rifles and every one of them shoot under an inch at 100 yards with factory ammo and better with my hand loads. My Mark V Lightweight .30-06 will even cloverleaf vintage Remington 180 gr Core Lokts. No complaints ever.


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                  Originally posted by WA Mtnhunter View Post
                  I own 4 Mark V and 1 Vanguard rifles and every one of them shoot under an inch at 100 yards with factory ammo and better with my hand loads. My Mark V Lightweight .30-06 will even cloverleaf vintage Remington 180 gr Core Lokts. No complaints ever.
                  I have three Weatherby's now. Picked up a .340 for Elk but have not gone yet. Are Weatherby's more popular on the West Coast? East hunting is a lot closer range hunting so unless someone is going to travel out of State a lot of people just use lever actions or something like Rem 700's.
                  When I was in Omaha (stationed at SAC HQ.) , the gun shop/machine shop I frequented would build a rifle for you. You chose an action, trigger, barrel/caliber, stock and accessories and they would put it together. For each there were at least two or more choices to pick from. I tried speed goats a few times but never got that good at it. Did better on Geese and Pheasant.
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                    Been thinking of getting a mark v but just not sure what to get. Both of my vanguards are awesome rifles.


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                      Originally posted by Milldawg View Post
                      Been thinking of getting a mark v but just not sure what to get. Both of my vanguards are awesome rifles.
                      There are several Weatherby calibers that are useful. Remember, you can also get a Mk V in standard calibers - nothing wrong with a 30-06. Every few years Weatherby has Norma run 30-06 and .270 ammo. Not sure if they still do. I bought a couple cases of the 30-06. Like all Weatherby ammo the animal on the box is suggestive of the use of that caliber. The 30-06 has the white tail. Check with Weatherby for mark downs, discontinued and sales - get on their e-mail list. Click image for larger version  Name:	gun range 9 18 13 001.jpg Views:	2 Size:	579.5 KB ID:	781712 The ammo came with std bullets so for hunting I pulled them and put in same weight of Partitions. That target is 5 shots. If I did not set the rifle down after 3 shots and then pick it up for 2, it might have been a one hole group at 100yds. Never had a Remington 700 that did not shoot good. This rifle is from '85.
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                        Most of the locals I know, don't use a Weatherby.
                        They shoot fine, but not better than a lot of other rifles.
                        I have seen a number of Remington's shoot 1/2MOA at 500 yards, and a number of those were lowly 308 Winchester's shooting factory ammo.
                        This was with some 150 grain bullets and a new shooter to distance with my 308.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_6915.JPG
Views:	54
Size:	2.18 MB
ID:	781720
                        I have seen a number of Tikka's do the same thing.


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                          Factory Tikka at 500 3-shot group just using the reticle, and not dialing On the target on the left, with Dan shooting. The targeted I am out I did one shot Cold Bore Click image for larger version

Name:	4591DF18-93CD-48A4-BDBE-E4C9FF2E1EB5.jpeg
Views:	46
Size:	2.81 MB
ID:	781728 using the reticle at 500 yards, the same rifle
                          Attached Files
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                            I am all for hunting with what you you want to hunt with.
                            Diversity is the spice of life.
                            Hunt what you want with what you want, as long as it is legal and you are competent with it.
                            Spend all of the money you want.

                            Trying to convince people here that a brand XYZ is special because of it's accuracy promise of 1" inch or better for three shots doesn't do much for me personally.
                            I have seen a bunch of factory rifle of all different brands accomplish that.
                            Howa makes the Vanguard, and it is a solid rifle for a good price. They shoot well too.
                            Majority of the time I do not break a barrel in.
                            If I was building a match rifle for 1K bench or Nationals or world's I might put about 10-15 rounds through it with some clean and shoot for the first three shots, then go to 3 and clean, just to burnish the throat area primarily.
                            This is 15 shots at 800 yards. I kept thinking it was 750 yards, until went back and checked.
                            I never broke this barrel in.
                            My point is, you don't have to try convince us your gun is best.
                            By all means post pictures, range reports, and hunting success.
                            Be proud of your gun and it's capabilities.
                            I have felt like the marketing department for brand XYZ is working overtime lately.
                            Just because they are in Wyoming, I have been drawn to pick up a rifle for a spare for a loaner, for hunters to use, but I already have a Tikka 30-06 for that. Yes I do that!
                            Factory rifle and ammo is better than ever-Enjoy what you have!

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	800 yds.jpg
Views:	47
Size:	751.3 KB
ID:	781737


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                              Good shooting.

                              Have you seen the U Tube where the guy is shooting a 30-06 1.7 miles ?




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