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    Originally posted by MattM37 View Post

    Take the 30-30, wear your green-and-black wool shirt and your red crusher hat, and you'll be the very picture of an Adirondack hunter. Carry a can of Genny Cream Ale in your back pocket to celebrate the successful hunt.
    Red and Black Filson. The ground blind is one hunt. The plane hung in the Old Forge Hardware
    the 30-30 vintage 1956 .Wish I had a $ for every mile I carried that rifle. I used to carry clothesline to make a sling when I got a deer. Never had sling swivels. Click on a pic of gun and zero in. You can see my peep sight and on the stock the finish. I set the gun in the snow and leaned against a tree to dress a deer. The stock got a water stain. In the '50's a co. had a heavy stock finish. I dried the water stain out and used the coating. It waas heavy and sealed the stock on future hunts. The stock finish and peep sight are only alterations. Click image for larger version  Name:	Adirondacks ground blind.JPG Views:	0 Size:	604.0 KB ID:	781123 Click image for larger version  Name:	Adirondacks plane.JPG Views:	0 Size:	505.2 KB ID:	781124 Click image for larger version  Name:	winchester '94 004.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.15 MB ID:	781125
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      One thing I have been doing for years is sorting a box of bullets in .1 grain increments. I have an anlytical balance that is accurate to .01gr so it is easy to sort to .1. I have 6 boxes of various calibers and bllet styles like those pictured. And yes, Nosler are the most consistent weight right out of the box. I don't know how much this helps accuracy but when some companies bullets vary by over 2 grain in a box (that is + - 2 gr) I think it is important. A good analytical balance can be found in pawn shops, flea markets and E-bay - plus also get a set of certified weights if you undertake this endeavor. Weight varience of .1grain is much more critical in light weight bullets by %. What mfg. has the worst weight variance ? I won't say for legal reasons.
      So, naturally, I load those from one compartment at a session, or an adjacent if needed.

      BTW, the last digdit on an electronic balance is actually moving and not necessarily shown. The program selects the mode to display with final weight. A balance is basically a strain gauge that, when bent, Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0820.JPG
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Name:	IMG_0823.JPG
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Name:	IMG_0824.JPG
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Name:	IMG_0819.JPG
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ID:	781167 the deflection is transmitted as an electronic signal and displayed. The strain gaige should be treated carefully, no sideways or upside down, no dropping anything on it, etc.
      Hope this post is helpful.


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        I looad a lot of calibers and I would say the 30-06 is one of the easiest to load. Good mid sized cartridge. I don't care for the pistol or very large as it is just a question of my dexterity.
        I would say a 30-06 size cartridge is a good way for a beginner to start. Pick a bullet size and powder and after trying several loadsstick with one. Always follow the manuals and their specifications. I always pick a powder in the mid range of possible ones and stop the charge a grain or so below max. Have fun. Click image for larger version

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          Matt, I started hunting with a friend from the corner hang out, sitting in a booth talking hunting and guns for hours on end. Started going with him and my Uncle and his Father. My Father went, but probably never hunted. Ihad another Uncle that would sometime join us, he lived on Bear Creek road - guess hoew it got it's name. He had 55 acres we could hunt. Nice to come in when you got cold. My Fathers group of 10 or so took Army vehicles like a Deuce and a Half and Jeeps miles back in woods and played poker in temporary command tents. Another place they went you had to ride a cable pully across the river to get to the cabin.
          I used the 30-30 and clothes were picked up at the local Army, Navy. Our hunting day was up at 4, drive to Adirondacks. Hunt to noon then head for the Bufflalo Head in Forestport There was actually a Buffalo Head by the entrance. Well we hung at 'Mahogany Ridge' until time to go home. I could get a drink but was actually not old enough. The bar was lined with shoulder to shoulder hunters with red and black shirts and their hunting knives sticking out of their belts was really an image I will never forget. Then the local backwoods women would work themselves up and down the line of hunters.
          There were some deer and bear in the area and any that were shot were huge.
          Another bar in the area is the Wigwam and the bar keep shot a huge bear when he went out back with the garbage.. shot it 6 times with a .303. Those were the days.

          Years latter our all season Cabin is about 5 miles from the bar on a Lake and we rode snowmobiles all around there and up the railroad tracks. We had a local Female State Trooper ride with us, we called her Mamma Bear.
          A few of us meet there even now for some hunting and meals every chance we can.

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