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Changing calibers

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  • Changing calibers

    Well I have a Savage 110 .270 Win. that I haven’t shot in years. I was thinking about rebarreling it and change it to another caliber. My oldest child and maybe my wife would more then likely be using it. I was think 25-06 would be the easiest to convert since the 270 and 25-06 for the most part share the same case. I also thought about rebarreling to 7mm-08, 6.5x55 Swedish, 257 Roberts, 250 Savage. I can find Ammo fairly easy with anyone of these calibers. So I’m thinking anyone of them would be a plus. I’m just not sure if I would have to get a new bolt/bolt face for those calibers. I’m sure it would be cheaper and easier to just buy a new rifle but I want something put together personally from me for my daughter. I already have a good walnut stock that I’ll be ordering for it. And I have to check my closet but I’m sure I have a leupold 4-12x40 somewhere in there. If not I get a really good discount on leupold scopes and I’ll just buy her a 3x9x50 or 4-12x40 scope. Anyhow, anything you guys could share with me to help me choice would be great.

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    old_sarge, I'm no P.O. Ackley, but the .270, .25-06 and 7mm-08 all have the same cartridge head dimensions. Add to that list, the most capable .243 and the .308 and you have a fist full of young shooter, deer capable cartridges.
    As for available ammo, these days, it's a crap shoot!
    Most stores I've been in that carried a decent stock of ammo has pretty much been picked clean of popular calibers.
    I think I'd start with a little ammo shopping first. See what's most available in your area.


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      You have a long action, I would not go to a short action caliber. I think the 25-06 is a great idea. If yo wanted more power and recoil was not an issue the 30-06 would be a easy change.


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        I’m obviously a big fan of the 25-06. It is currently the most accurate rifle I own. It doesn’t kick so it’s enjoyable for everyone to shoot. And will handle deer with ease. It shoots flat. What’s not to love. I have a Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10x40 on mine and it gets on swimmingly for normal hunting ranges. Go ahead you won’t regret it.
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          Good to hear from you Sarge. You have a wide variety of choices with that bolt face. Any of the .308 size short action cartridges will work. The 7mm-08 is one of the best choices for solid hunting and light recoil. They will slide around in the magazine but if you get a standard small action follower spring and a blocked magazine box, they fit snug. They feed fine either way.

          Most of the long action cartridges will work as well but there is only one known for light recoil and exceptional flexibility in purpose from near 22-250 speeds for targets and varmints to 120g elk hunting. That is the 25-06. The 90g Barnes bullet is plenty for deer but I've used 100g Horady Interloks and they are deadly on deer out to 500 yards. The 75g 25-06 bullet has recoil similar to the 75g .243 bullet and it is good on woodchucks out to 750 yards easily. The 100g has recoil similar to the 100g .243 bullet. Very light and comfortable for youngsters and ladies. I use the Berger 115g and it is good on prairie dogs at 1000 yards.

          If I were getting a new barrel, I'd order a 7.7 twist as most barrel makers will now cut whatever rifling twist rate you desire. Nearly all 25-06s made over the last 60 years have had 10 twist barrels. This limits you to 120g max bullet weight and they are marginal for elk. The faster twist rate allows the use of 131g bullets which are more powerful for elk than the 130g .270 because of their additional velocity and much higher BC. As a matter of fact, that 25-06 bullet stays supersonic (i.e. deer killing speed) beyond a mile. Of course if you never intend to shoot long range targets or hunt elk, the 10 twist still does wonders. You can still shoot little 75g bullets and everything in between too.

          The 131g bullet is sold by for reloaders but I expect production to pick up among other bullet makers before long. Most stores in America stock 25-06 ammo but you can order whatever size bullets you need on the web. Your kids will know how to do it if you don't. If you reload, the 25-06 is a dream because you can shoot lots of the little blazing bullets cheap. As with most cartridges, stores tend to stock only deer bullets.

          Re-barrelling the Savage 110 can easily be done without a gunsmith. You order a finished Savage barrel, a Savage barrel wrench and a 25-06 GO Guage. You simply unscrew the old barrel, screw the new barrel in til it hits the Go Gauge, back it off a smidgen and tighten the barrel nut.You are ready to hunt. This cartridge can be exceptionally accurate but as with any cartridge, the long range precision depends not only on the cartridge but the precision of the barrel. A Krieger, Bartlein, Brux, etc. will shoot with premium precision. A Douglas, or a Shilen will be fine for hunting purposes and shooting out to 500 yards or so. Shilen specializes in ready made Savage barrels and tools.

          Hope this helps... my best on your project.


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            Have you thought of having them try reduced recoil .270 loads for it first?

            This article is a few years old but you might want to look into it before making any changes. If it ain't broke don't fix it.



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              25-06 would be my choice




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