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  • Modified 10/22

    Micheal Shea has a post on the main page about modifying 10/22s with all sorts of after market parts. How far into the job can you go and still call it a 10/22? Barrel, trigger, bolt, stock? Was the 10/22 idea the first "platform rifle"? If all this can be done to a rifle, why didn't the factory do it?

    So, if everything on the rifle isn't factory, except the magazine, is it still a 10/22, or is it some other brand that uses 10/22 magazines?

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    The serial number determines what it is. The serial number has to remain or it is no longer that gun. Anything else is dressing.


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      So, is it worth it to spend all that money on a gun that could be bought elsewhere, at a lower price, with somebody else's name on it? After all, buying a $225 gun to put a $300 barrel on it seems a bit foolish.


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        I added a Green Mountain bbl, Victor Titan stock and a Volquartsen hammer. Not too much $ on the used receiver/ bolt and alloy trigger housing.

        Bought a gun and parted it out....ended up w less than 100 in my like new action/bolt/ trigger housing.

        SK match does .4" for five shots at 50 yards. Repeatably.

        Sub half inch....for under 500 bucks.

        Did have an old 60s 10/22 that did .75" at 50 w CCI blazer w only a target hammer swap.

        But it was a well kept fingergroove sporter. Got a beater one now that is pretty horrible. So i gotta dump a hundred or so in a new bbl

        Stoned factory hammer to pretty good.


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          So ill be at 425 not counting scope in my cool customized beater.

          Told a guy Id sell him my target rig for 400 and he thought that too much.

          Freakin bbl on sale and stock....was over 300.

          This an older receiver. Not boogered scope base holes. Decent fit of trigger housing....barrel lines up and is tight as it should be.

          Not one of the newer ones of reported fit/ finish/ QC issue. Some older ones werent all that great either.

          But this a know good, a decent parts...assembled.....can actually hold it and see what it ended up as.....

          And he thought it too high priced. Like new too.


          I get if it isnt what one wants.....but known good, cheaper than can be the OD green stocks sold out....not available again for a few months......

          I should just get a SWFA SS 6x or 10x and keep it


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            My issue w it is the vert grip ( fine on bench, sucks for field ) and the weight.

            It looks good and shoots good....went into it w an idea but no previous holding of comparable.

            Pizz on em. Ill keep it. Sub half inch at 50 for under 500 bucks. Lotsa people claim that on the web.......most of it BS.

            So bad some forums I avoid. Seems as though that platform attracts a lot if morons.

            I just wanted sub half inch for under 500. Got it

            Kinda boring really


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              The old sporters though.....fingergroove....feel the best Click image for larger version

Name:	68983188_122859339035185_1797025303172743168_n.jpg
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Size:	50.7 KB
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                Originally posted by franchi20 View Post
                So, is it worth it to spend all that money on a gun that could be bought elsewhere, at a lower price, with somebody else's name on it? After all, buying a $225 gun to put a $300 barrel on it seems a bit foolish.
                You're asking a question that has no right or wrong answer. Maybe 1/2" at 100 yds matters to you, maybe not. Having the coolest (individual) looking gun is your thing, or not. Maybe the trigger bothers you, scope mount height annoying, you get the idea. Maybe you only want to own one example,maybe you'll keep 1/2 dozen around. There is a reason all guns of every kind don't look alike. My mk2 is stock, my mk3 is full of Tandemkross. I love my guns yet I sometimes am a little jealous of others. Im glad to live in a time and a place that affords me the luxury of spending as much as I want, or not.


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                  A synthetic version of the old fingergroove w titan bedding system....w a 20" sporter match bbl.....would be ideal.

                  IMHO they should have done a stainless model w black rynite repro fingergroove w checkering, the 50th anniv model.

                  Send the bbl to CPC and add a Volq hammer and itd be sweet.

                  But no.........tacticool and ugly are fashionable.


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                    I have buds w full Kidd and other builds. 1400 or more bucks.
                    They love em.

                    Good for them.

                    id rather blow that toward a higher end Anschutz

                    Speaking of that brand.....might have an Exemplar coming. So thatll kill the need for 3 rimfire rifles LOL.

                    Hate to say it but a Bullberry custom stocked Contender in 22 or 22 mag would be cool.


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                      I dont find tinkering w1022 to be fun. Just want a decent looking good enough hunting rig.
                      Id take .75" at 50 yards w hunting ammo.

                      Am not there yet w current stock fingergroove. It will require some $

                      It needs the receiver and trigger group Gunkoted. The stock refinished, and a new whatever bedding work.

                      i stoned the factory hammer and its.pretty good.. have the accraglass and tru oil, sandpaper.
                      No extra $ there.

                      Just a new bbl and the gunkote....

                      On 250 dollar rifle.

                      It will be a good squirrel rig.....but only the cool kids will know what it is.

                      Last edited by CD2; 10-18-2019, 08:01 PM.


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                        There is a new cheap model 1022. The synth stock feels ok. Bbl has no sights. Dont think it has a bbl band. Unfortunately it retains the crappy curved buttpate area.
                        they should have had that flat w a thin rubber pad.

                        That gun might have been a dandy w a 4x on top.


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                          Can get that 18.5" no sights blued bbl pretty cheap as a new " take off ". Proly order one this weekend.
                          cant be worse than the one thats on it lol. Crown looks ok but it shoots like crap. Have not checked it w microscope....just no glaring defects.
                          But for 55 bucks....why not try one that hasnt had some goof slam it w a cleaning rod


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                            Originally posted by franchi20 View Post
                            So, is it worth it to spend all that money on a gun that could be bought elsewhere, at a lower price, with somebody else's name on it? After all, buying a $225 gun to put a $300 barrel on it seems a bit foolish.
                            If 10/22's are so great why do people make so many modifications to them ?


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                              Why do people mod their cars or motorcycles?




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