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    These are .300WbyMag. They have a dark stain just ahead of the belt. I used my wire feeler (pictured) and checked the inside ahead of the head and there is no sign of stretching. The stain is not removable. It almost looks like it was left by the sizing die at the end of the stroke. I did not resize these or prime. Any ideas? I have not tried to remove the stain yet.

    P.S. I was thinking, could this be a burn ring from a worn chamber of the last rifle it was fired in ? Some shells from the same guy had really flattened primers which means he was loading way above published maximums. The .300WbyMag operates at 65,000 psi so he was having a lot of high pressure to flatten primers.

    Not to worry, I was able to remove it with some Flitz. My guess is it was excess sizing lube left at the full down stroke.
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