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Do You Use An Abrasive ?

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  • Do You Use An Abrasive ?

    A article in TFB talks about throat erosion. Author says a chrome molly barrel surface roughens like sandpaper with the effects of the powder flame (stainless surface cracks) The use of a abrasive would work to smooth the steel again and slow the progression of erosion. Anybody use an abrasive to smooth their chamber ? There are compounds available and coated bullets that you load and shoot through the barrel. I routinely use JB non-embedding bore paste on all my barrels. Stainless uses a different JB paste. Seems to keep them shooting straight. I wonder if all powders burn at similar temperatures ? Some have said the shape of the powder kernel affects throat erosion.
    Double base powders do burn hotter, not sure about duration. Any comments ?
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    I shoot a lot of overbore cartridges like the 22-6mm, 6mm Creedmoor, 25-06, .300 Dakota, etc. These tend to leave a ceramic-like carbon deposit in the front of the throat and in the first few inches of the bore. Regular carbon and copper solvents do not remove this hard carbon build up. Through a bore scope, it looks like dark grey alligator hide and you are sure your barrel is cooked. I scrub this area with a metal cleaner called Semichrome and the barrel/throat look like new again. That is until they are really completely eroded after lots of shooting.

    Symptoms that tell me I need to remove this carbon buildup are:

    1. High pressure signs on a normally good load. The thick carbon build up in the throat begins to squeeze the neck brass into the bullet causing extremely high pressure (blown primers, ejector marks on the brass, etc.)

    2. Inaccuracy. The rifle used to shoot bug holes and now it's shooting three inch groups. Long range precision is especially impaired with bullet deformation.

    3. Visual appearance of crackled throat/bore within a few inches of the chamber.


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      And here I thought I was abrasive enough


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        Yeah, I do use an Abrasive.




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