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Tikka T3x - 300WM - Why 24” 1:11 twist barrel?

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  • Tikka T3x - 300WM - Why 24” 1:11 twist barrel?

    Someone please school me on this!

    I am in the market for a 300 WinMag and totally new to the caliber/cartridge. I love the Look, feel, action, and price of the Tikka T3x. However, doing some research the T3x comes with a barrel that is a little more than 24” long with a 1:11 twist.

    It looks like most 300 WinMag barrels come in 24 inch or 26 inch and I’m guessing that is just preference to the hunter/shooter (although many say the mags really need the longer 26 barrels). My main question is why the 1:11 twist? Most people seem to say that 1:10 twist or less is best for 300wm mainly for stabilizing the heavier grain bullets at longer ranges.

    Why did Tikka do this, am i over thinking the utility of the rifle and wanting the capability to shoot the the 200+ grain bullets? Realistically, i probably will never go on a grizzly or moose hunt but when comparing to competitors, the Tikka deals like its at a disadvantage with this. Like i said, school me

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    The thinking might be a 180gr in a 24" barrel will shoot well and kill anything in N.America. Probably a 22" barrel would suffice for the amount of powder a 300winMag uses. My .300WbyMag is 24"
    and stabilizes up to 220gr with I think 1 in 10 twist. The Weatherby uses about 10gr more powder for 180gr than the WinMag. My thinking is if you want or need more power get a bigger caliber. I have a .340WbyMag and I can launch a 250gr bullet with plenty of stability from a 24" barrel - a brake does not have any rifling. Remember, the faster the twist, the higher the chamber pressure goes and sometimes causes extraction problems. Don't want those problems in a dangerous caliber rifle.


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      I have read where shooters have had success with 200 gr. Accubonds and 200 gr ELDX in the 1-11 twist Tikka. There are some fine bullets in the 30 caliber in 200 gr. or less. The magazine in the Tikka is usually a little shorter than other manufactures of the 300 win mag. The T3X is a light rifle that some may not enjoy shooting 200+ grn bullets. I know that the twist rate rules do not always apply to some of my guns. Interestingly, big brother Sako has used 1-11 and 1-10 twist in there guns over the years.


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        I had a Tikka T3 Lite in 300WSM and it shot 180 grain Hornady Interbonds great. I now have a Sako A7 300WSM and it shoots the 180's great too. Of course the Tikka comes out of the Sako factory. I went with the 300WSM instead of the 300Wm and I couldn't be happier. Less powder with about the same results. I put Simms Limb Saver recoil pads on all of my rifles. My gunsmith says the Simms Limb Saver takes 30% of the recoil away the same as a muzzle brake. I don't mind shooting my Sako on the range at all and I don't like recoil.


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 has a great twist rate stability calculator. It only works for their bullets but will get you in the ball park for similar weight bullets. The larger .30 caliber VLD (very low drag) bullets work better at long range with a 10 twist. The new Hornady 130g and 150g VLD bullets even require a 9 twist. The 11 twist will shoot heavy round nosed bullets because they are much shorter than VLD bullets. You should be able to shoot 210g bullets or even the 215g Berger Hybrid with an 11 twist if needed and those will get you out to about 800 yards on elk in a .300 Win Mag if you and your rifle are up to it.

          The 11 twist will give you a little more velocity than a 10 twist and adding 2 inches to the barrel will give you about 50 fps more velocity too. Tikkas are notorious for being one of our highest precision over the counter rifles. You should enjoy it but I'd rather have a 10 twist with a 26" barrel for long range. It will stabilize those long bullets a little better for more accuracy.




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