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Gun Review - Ruger American Rimfire Compact

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  • Gun Review - Ruger American Rimfire Compact

    Friday, I finally made time to go to the range to sight in my new Ruger American Rimfire Compact in .22lr with the Dead Air 'Mask' suppressor. I've had the rifle since the last week of December but haven't spent any time with it until now. Deer season ends today but the next four weeks is the remaining portion of small game season. The new hunting lease was a disappointment as far as deer but it is a wonderful habitat for squirrels.

    The Ruger American Rimfire is a bolt action that utilizes the same magazines as the popular Ruger 10/22. The rifle comes with a 10-round for a flush fit, but you could use extended higher capacity mags if you desire. The synthetic stock comes with two stock modules for different comb heights to use depending on if you use a scope or the adjustable iron sights. The compact version has a shorter length of pull and shorter, threaded barrel. I wanted both because it will be better for training the great grandkids how to shoot and keeps the overall length reasonable when the 6-inch suppressor is attached. The short length of pull is just fine with me and it also fits PigHuntress very well. Ruger sells the longer length of pull stock pieces if I ever decide to change.

    I purchased the rifle by ordering online through Academy Sports. The process was simple and the rifle arrived at my local store in less than a week. Shipping and handling was a small fee and of course I had to pay retail sales tax. Total cost out the door was $326.

    Initially, I set up a target at 25 yards to sight in the iron sights before mounting the scope. The point of impact was too low and to the left. To my disappointment, I'd left my tools at home and didn't have a good way to drift the rear sight in it's dovetail. So, I decided to leave it alone and mounted the scope. I chose the rather inexpensive Simmons .22Mag scope 3x9x32. I've had good luck in the past with Simmons scopes on rimfires and air rifles so thought I'd try it on this one. The rifle's receiver is machined to take rimfire rings but is also drilled and tapped for adding a scope base. I just used the rings that came with the scope, mounting them directly on the receiver. I noticed the scope doesn't have the light transmission of my more expensive scopes but it should be sufficient for squirrel hunting.

    Below is a picture of the subsonic ammo I used. I wanted to sight in using subsonic in order to take full advantage of the suppressor. There was no noticeable first round pop with the Mask and it was surprisingly quiet. The report may be even quieter than that of my Beeman air rifle! I was shooting off sandbags from a bench and am pleasantly pleased with the great factory trigger and the smooth, short bolt throw. The tang safety is another thing I like. However, it can not be placed back into 'safe' until the spent case is ejected.

    Moving the target out to 50 yards, I was getting about 1-inch groups with the CCI sub-sonic which is pretty good. But the ELEY sub-sonic produced groups varying from 5/8 to 3/4-inch. So, I'll be hunting with the ELEY. The CCI Quiet was a total disappointment. Though noticeably less sound, the group size exploded to 4.5 inches. I'm wondering if perhaps it was unstable and hope it wasn't striking the internal baffles of the suppressor. Through the scope, they were so slow I could even see the bullets going downrange!

    As a test, I finished the day with a few rounds of CCI Mini-Mag hollow-points. Those are what I use in my Winchester 74 to good effect on squirrels. The accuracy was about 1-inch for 10 shots at 50 yards. But of course there was the sonic crack even though the suppressor kept the muzzle blast well below hearing safe.

    > CCI Subsonic HP uses a 40gr bullet, muzzle velocity of 1040 fps
    > CCI Quite uses a 40gr bullet, 710 fps
    > CCI Mini-Mag HP uses a 36gr bullet, 1260 fps

    > ELEY Subsonic HP with 40gr bullet, 1040 fps

    Another CCI Subsonic I fired yesterday uses a 40gr segmented bullet, also at 1040 fps. It was just in the back yard and I didn't fire for group but dropped a squirrel with ease. It looks like my rifle likes the 1040 fps ammo.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with the Ruger American Rimfire and highly recommend it. It's especially a good option if you want to use a suppressor and already have 10/22 mags.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2018_02_08 Tested Ammo r - Copy.jpg Views:	0 Size:	93.8 KB ID:	703390

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Ruger American Rimfire with Suppressor r2 - Copy.jpg Views:	0 Size:	156.7 KB ID:	703391
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    Nice write up PH.
    Are you planning on buying more threaded rifles, having any of yours threaded or just using the ones you have now? I hate the looks of them, but it’s a smart choice to use a suppressor.


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      Originally posted by fitch270 View Post
      Nice write up PH.
      Are you planning on buying more threaded rifles, having any of yours threaded or just using the ones you have now? I hate the looks of them, but it’s a smart choice to use a suppressor.
      Thanks Fitch270. One new rifle I've considered with threaded barrel is another Ruger American Rimfire, but in .22 magnum. That would probably cause me to get rid of the Henry lever action in the same clambering. I really like the Henry. It's fun to shoot but would be cumbersome to get threaded due to the magazine tube.

      Another Ruger American Predator is a consideration but in .308 Win, with 18-inch barrel. I have that Model in 6.5 CM but it has a 22-inch barrel. I found stalk hunting with the suppressor attached to that length barrel to be very cumbersome in the woods.

      I've considered getting the old Remington 788's barrel shortened and threaded. But it's probably not worth the effort. Another possibility is to get the barrel threaded on the .30-06 Remington 7400 carbine. However, I'm concerned that attaching a suppressor will adversely affect the cycling due to the change in the barrel pressure curve.

      A few years ago, I had my gunsmith thread the barrel of my .357 magnum Handi-Rifle. But so far I've not purchased a suppressor to fit that caliber. It's really no longer needed now that I have the .300 Blackout. (Killed a doe with the .300 BLK suppressed yesterday afternoon)


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        Nice set up you have there. A suggestion is to try different manuf. of ammo. Last time I checked some in my .22 rifle, Winchester Super X was wide open, Aquilla Interceptor (1470 fps) was the best and Remington Target was a very close second (the ones in the square plastic box). This gives exposure to different primer, different powders and different brass/ rim thickness. Serious competitors check thickness/head space with a go-no go machined block as it makes a difference for them. BTW, if you ever find it, read the 25 step QC process Ely uses for their primer procedure. 25 steps just for the primer - fascinating stuff. Starts with the various checks of the brass coming in. Ely makes the primer for the Aquila and all our Olympic team .22's. Jim


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          Thanks Jim. I'll try a few others but will probably end up sticking with the ELEY subsonic. I think you're the one who suggested the ELEY to me either directly or in a review.


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            Originally posted by PigHunter View Post
            Thanks Jim. I'll try a few others but will probably end up sticking with the ELEY subsonic. I think you're the one who suggested the ELEY to me either directly or in a review.
            I have had really good results over the years with Federal solid ball ammo in my .22's that I have had. They are standard velocity. They are about the cheapest Federals you can buy. My CZ .22 that I have now shoots them really good.




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