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does anyone have any suggestions for a rifle that i can use for deer,coyote,and if i wanted to go out west hunting? that is left

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  • does anyone have any suggestions for a rifle that i can use for deer,coyote,and if i wanted to go out west hunting? that is left

    does anyone have any suggestions for a rifle that i can use for deer,coyote,and if i wanted to go out west hunting? that is left handed? ive looked at a few but everything is over 800 dollars so far for a left hand gun, my friend suggested a remington model 7600 pump rifle, because right now i shoot a 870 shotgun is that a good choice ? even tho im left handed i dont mind shooting it. what do you think?

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    If you don't mind shooting right handed guns thats a choice. I'm left handed also and have some right and some left handed guns, but it does bother me to have shells coming across my face. All of my rifles are Savages and 2 are lefties that I found without having to order them. The other 2 I wish I would have ordered left handed instead of buying them and yes any gun shop including the big ones like Cabelas and Bass Pro can order it in left handed. I would look at a .243, .25-06, or .270 for what you want. Most likely the 06 will work best for you.


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      I have a 7600 in .30-06 and it is extremely accourate, on par with most bolt action rifles. Based on prices I see on you can pick one up for under 400. I assume that 800 is too steep.

      I have heard very good things about the Marlin XL7, Savage and Weatherby Vanguards if you are in the market for a budget rifle. I like the way vanguards fit me so I prefer them.

      Based on the fact that most of your hunting will be smaller game with a chance at medium/large sized game, I would look at the .25-06, .270, or .30-06. Standard calibers that are affordable to shoot. If you must have a magnum, I would recommend 7mm. In my opinion, I would stay away from the short magnums.


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        I'm a lefty and I have a couple of guns for you that are well under $800.

        First for the cartridge. I would select the 25/06. A very good varmint round for the likes of a coyote with the 85-87 grain bullets, and also an outstanding round for deer and antelope with the 100-120 grain bullets. In a pinch the 100 grain serves well for both.

        As for the rifles:

        Ruger Hawkeye HM77LR MSRP is $803. Can be had at most any dealer for $590-$620 with very little haggling.
        You can still find a few new in box old standard M77LR's for the low 5's in 25/06.

        Ruger also puts up this rifle in stainless for another $60

        Savage 111FLNS MSRP is $591. Typically sells for $450 or cheaper.

        I own both, both have been very dependable, and accurate. The accutrigger on the Savage is one of the best triggers on the market.

        All this said, if you are not pelt hunting coyote, you can extinguish old Wyle with any centerfire cartridge suitable for deer. A .270, 7mm-08, 30/06 or .308 are commonly available in left handed rifles from all companies. If this is more appealing to you take a look at the Tikka T3 Lite stainless, I recently purchased one and I really like it. Good trigger and the slickest bolt on the market. They are available in the $550 to $600 range. You might get lucky and find a Lefty T3 in blue for much less. Take a look at Gunbroker on line. Only problem with the Left hand Tikka is that it is not available in 25/06...


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          The Remington 870 shotgun and 7600 pump rifle are a lot alike, I suppose if you like the 870 you can get along just fine with the 7600. Call me old fashion but I think a bolt action rifle as opposed to the pump action. is a more suitable hunting rifle. A good ol 30-06 should do you fine at home and out west. If you are going to drop 800 plus on it then make sure you get something you "love" and don't just settle for a right handed gun.


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            Why a pump? Remington makes left handed rifles and my choice would be the 25-06!


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              thank you all for a good suggestions, and i like the pump because being still at a young age, the 870 was the 1st gun my parents bought for me and taught me how to shoot right handed but later found out as i grew up i was left handed so i just switched and used that and im just so used to shooting it that when i found it , i think will be a easy switch, plus this year was the first year our deer hunting was rifle and not shotgun.


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                For the money the Savage is unbeatable (unless you're going single shot, which will also work for lefties) anything else and your going to have shell casings flying across your line of sight. oh scratch that, Stag arms makes a left side ejecting AR.
                My all around cartridge would be a 308. It won't punish you on the bench and will kill all the way up to elk size game. (trust me my Dad has carried on for 40 years and has killed elk and black bear with it)


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                  The best gun for that job would have to be either a .243, .270, or a 30/06


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                    The best deal you will find is going to be with Savage & Tikka. If you can blow the dust off your billfold and find a few more bucks look into the model 700 and A bolt. Both are offered in 270 and thats about the best all around chambering you will find. Period.


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                      Great answer above and I go with 25-06 or 30-06 definitely!!!!




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