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I have heard of 8 gauges and 28 gauges but i dont know whether to believe that or not, is it there such thing as 8 gau

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  • I have heard of 8 gauges and 28 gauges but i dont know whether to believe that or not, is it there such thing as 8 gau

    I have heard of 8 gauges and 28 gauges but i dont know whether to believe that or not, is it there such thing as 8 gauge and 28 gauge?

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    i know theres a 28 guage my cousins trying to buy one its a little bigger than a .410 but smaller than a 20 i dont know about the 8 guage it might be true though ive never seen it but my friend said his dad has an old 6 guage so maybe there is an 8 guage


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      Very much so. Shotguns have been made in a wide range of gauges over the years including 24, and 32 gauge. The 8 gauge can still be found in nooks and crannies around the world. It is illegal to use for hunting game in the US. Shotguns get their designation (12, 20, etc.) from the number of lead balls of bore diameter that it takes to equal a pound. For instance in 28 gauge, 28 lead balls weigh a pound. The .410 is an exception as it is not a gauge but a caliber.


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        Look at the home page for this web site


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          The Punt guns of old were about 2 gauge.

          A .410 is around 68 gauge.


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            yea but im not sure if they are still manufactured by gun companies


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              Actually a .410 is a 67 ½ gauge

              Gauge (mm) (in) (g) (oz) (gr)
              A* 50.8 2.000 778.19 27.45 12010

              1½* 37.05 1.459 302.39 10.667 4667

              2* 33.67 1.325 226.80 8.000 3500

              3* 29.41 1.158 151.20 5.333 2333

              4 26.72 1.052 113.40 4.000 1750

              8 21.21 .835 56.70 2.000 875

              10 19.69 .775 45.36 1.600 700

              12 18.53 .729 37.80 1.333 583

              13 18.04 .710 34.89 1.231 538

              14 17.60 .693 32.40 1.143 500

              16 16.83 .663 28.35 1.000 438

              20 15.63 .615 22.68 0.800 350

              24 14.70 .579 18.90 0.667 292

              28 13.97 .550 16.20 0.571 250

              32 13.36 .526 14.17 0.500 219

              67½ 10.41 .410 6.71 0.237 104


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                The 28 ga. is a great little hunting shotgun. I have one an old 11-48 Remington with mod. bore and my son has one in 870 Remington. I think that there are easier to hit birds with than the 3" 410 that carries the same amount of shot. If you don't reload the ammo can get pricey. No bargains like the 12 or 20 ga. I don't know if it's a big deal but the 28 has no slug offerings.


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                  they are both real. I have heard of them both tough not 8 as much.


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                    I seem to remember something about 6 gauge shells being used to clean the crud out of smokestacks. I saw a beautiful matched pair of old 4-bores, but they were round ball black powder rifles.


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                      yes, never shot 8ga though,i started years ago out on a 28ga rem 1100 shooting skeet and birds.


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                        Rugar, Marlin, and I'm sure many others sell a 28gauge. Not sure about the 8 guage, I believe it was a late 1800's shotgun.


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                          Both true. I fired an old 8 Gauge double back in the Sixties. Don't remember what brand it was, possibly 'mule'. 28's are becoming more popular with classes of skeet and trap for those guns. Light recoil, pricey ammo.


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                            nice clay, somebody did their research i have a .410 didnt realize it was that small fun to shoot though


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                              nice clay, somebody did their research. i have a .410 didnt realize it was that small fun to shoot though




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