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Any thoughts on the Weatherby Vangaurd 300 Winchester Short Magnum vs. 300 Weatherby Magnum. Which would you choose based on rec

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  • Any thoughts on the Weatherby Vangaurd 300 Winchester Short Magnum vs. 300 Weatherby Magnum. Which would you choose based on rec

    Any thoughts on the Weatherby Vangaurd 300 Winchester Short Magnum vs. 300 Weatherby Magnum. Which would you choose based on recoil, accuracy, groups, knock-down power, ammuntion availablity/price and of course price of each caliber! My brother-in-law is wanting to sell me a 300 WSM for $400.00

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    The .300 Weatherby gives you more power, quite a bit more recoil, and a lot more expense.

    But no matter. If someone is trying to sell you a good rifle for $400, there is no time to worry about other calibers that might be better or worse. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Buy it.

    What is this gun? I might have to take it if you won't.


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      I have never had a 300 WSM but folks who do all seem to really like them. I figured one .300 mag of any kind was enough so never swapped or bought the shorter version. If I ever did consider a short mag it would be the .300 WSM. We all talked about the .300 Weatherby in a question put forth by Del in KS a few pages back. You might want to read through it.


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        I've been looking at a new .30 and am leaning very heavily toward the .300 WSM. I like the ballistics and I think it is going to be around awhile. I think the 168 Barnes TSX bullet is great for a .30 caliber, so here are approximate muzzle velocities (FPS) from their loading manual for various .30s:

        .300 Weatherby Mag - 3,300
        .300 Winchester Mag - 3,100
        .300 WSM - 3,000
        .30-06 - 2,800

        .300 WSM has plenty enough velocity to reach way out there, in a shorter action than a .300 Weatherby, and with less recoil. Off the shelf ammo is also a bit less expensive. Also don't have to deal with a belted case. Similar case diameters so same number of rounds in the magazine. And at $400! Is it a Sub-MOA?

        I do have to admit, though, 300 fps adds a lot of hitting power - on both ends. But if I was going for max velocity I'll just pick up another fire-breathing Lazzeroni Warbird.


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          300 WSM is a joke, it has no way the performance and reliability of the 300 Win Mag and as far as the 300 Weatherby Mag, another 150 fps you'll never know the difference except in recoil and especially in the pocket book!
          If I you wanted a Magnum bad enough I would pick the 338 Win Mag hands down! And far as owning a 30 cal, I’ll pick the 30-06 over the other 30 cals!!
          If a magnum is so great, then explain to me why I was kicking everyone’s tale at the 1000 yard line with a M1A 308/7.62 NATO with open sights and they had rifles with extraterrestrial telescopes watching the gnats crawling on leaves on yonder mountain in the background!


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            Oh, here are some case capacity (gr H2O) comparisons if you plan to reload. Some measurements might vary a grain or two.

            .300 Weatherby Mag - 99
            .300 Winchester Mag - 89
            .300 WSM - 80
            .30-06 - 69
            .308 - 56

            If one was just going for all out efficiency then the .308 looks mighty fine. But everything's a compromise. But the more I look at the .300 WSM the more I like it.


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              What model Vanguard is it? Weatherby advertises a $399 Vanguard, so unless it is one of the higher priced models, it may be no bargain.

              I'll keep my Weatherby Mark V in .30-06 (which gets over 2,900 fps with handloads w/165 gr.) over the .300 WSM, which might need a 26 inch barrel to get magnum speed. I think the Vanguard only comes in a 24" barrel, which does not optimize the .300 Weatherby Magnum's powder charge.

              If you are going to get a real magnum, get a .338 Win mag or .300 Weatherby Mag! But the .300 WSM ain't no punk!


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                I would not waste any money on a WSM!


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                  $400 sounds pretty good unless it is a well worn bottom of the line Weatherby. The 300 Weatherby is a LOT more rifle but will cost you a lot more too. The added velocity comes at a cost though. The recoil goes up substantialy. So it depends on the money issue and your tollerance to recoil.

                  The 300 Win Mag is a great all around cartrige in .30 caliber but for all these it depends on how much you shoot it. One reason guys like the 30-06 is that it is near 30 WSM velocities with a reasonable recoil. I shoot a .300 Dakota and really like the speed and the recoil isn't too bad... I shoot most target loads off a lead sled though. My brother hurt his back shooting a deer with his .300 Win Mag.


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                    Agreed with shane and + 1 for you sir!!!




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