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What's your favorite gun oil and solvent? They will be used for cleaning and oiling rifles and shotguns. And also how well does

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  • What's your favorite gun oil and solvent? They will be used for cleaning and oiling rifles and shotguns. And also how well does

    What's your favorite gun oil and solvent? They will be used for cleaning and oiling rifles and shotguns. And also how well does CLP work?

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    MAT, I have said on here before I use a lot of kerosene when cleaning my guns. The initial bore brush is wet with k-1 and does a excellent job of getting rid of powder fouling. I clean the bolt and trigger assembly (if necessary), with clean k-1. It cleans any crud out and leaves a very thin film of light oil. K-1 will also displace any moisture.
    Yes, it does have an odor so I leave my guns out until it evaporates and eventually looses any odor. Hoppies 9 is 75% K-1 plus some other stronger solvents and perfume. I don't use CLP.
    Tip: if you have an oil soaked stock, K-1 might cut some of that oil without harming the finish. I have done that on a few rifles and some military surplus rifles that were soaked with heavy oil.
    RemOil is a favorite of mine, but I recently am trying another friction reducer called MotorKote. It bonds at the molecular level with steel. I am using it on high pressure areas like mating surfaces on locking lugs, etc. If you want to see a demo of it just google MotorKot and watch the demo video. Very impressive. (yes, I am using it in my vehicles, and no, I do not work for MotorKote). Jim


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      There are many good solvents out there but here are the ones I've gravitated to over the years:

      Hoppes #9 - general cleaning the bore. Good for removing powder residue.

      Barnes CR-10 - Cleaning copper fouling. Quickest, cleanest and easiest to remove built up copper periodically to make your barrel spotless.

      RemOil - for oiling inside and out.

      Flitz Polish - for polishing bolts, stainless parts and removing burn stains on revolver cylinders and removing rust spots/polishing old bluing. Usually on a felt pad with a dremel.

      Big 45 Frontier Metal Cleaner for removing crud and rust from metal in conjunction with RemOil or Flitz depending on conditions.


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        Lucas Gun Oil
        I never apply any lubricant directly on a gun. I put it on a clean cotton rag, apply it to the metal and immediately wipe any excess off with another clean, dry rag.
        Bore solvents etc are applied to a patch but never directly from a container to the firearm itself.
        Rust (when it does occur) removal is accomplished with 0000 steel wool and WD40.


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          I like mpro-7 and hoppes




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