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Need to be sure! Savage 12 Vlp Dbm .22-250 with a 1:9 twist rate, sound like a good rifle? Anyone have experience with model 12'

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  • Need to be sure! Savage 12 Vlp Dbm .22-250 with a 1:9 twist rate, sound like a good rifle? Anyone have experience with model 12'

    Need to be sure! Savage 12 Vlp Dbm .22-250 with a 1:9 twist rate, sound like a good rifle? Anyone have experience with model 12's? How about a scope in a 300-500$ range?

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    Great choice Harry. If I had to fit in that range, I'd look at a used Leupold VX-III through VX3 target scope in 6-20x40 with a fine or mil-dot cross hair and target turret on Ebay or Gunbroker. You can get one for around $500 if you look hard. It is warrantied by Leupold and if for some reason it has a problem, they will fix or replace.

    I know it is on the high end of your range but these are exceptionally accurate scopes and will wring the last bit of accuracy out of that beast. With that scope, you will be able to put the cross hairs in the middle of a nice crisp image of a wood chuck's head at 1000 yards and it will allow you to take advantage of your rifle's ability to hit at that range with one of your 68g to 75g VLD bullets from that beast.

    There are getting to be more good scopes all the time but I can at least tell you about some that have worked for me in addition to the above. On other highly accurate varmint rifles I use a Bushnell Elite 4200 Tactical in 6-24x50 and a Millet Gold Buck 6-24x56. They both have mil-dot reticles well usable for holdovers out to 600 yards and quickly adjustable for ranges beyond that. Great reticles! They shoot well enough for 1000 yard varminting but shoot about twice the group size of the Leupold. I do get a few more long range (over 700 yards) misses with them on p-dogs but I seldom miss at 500 yards. They are plenty fine for something the size of a wood chuck though. I bought both of these used online and they have been great in varminting as well as deer and antelope hunting.

    Thoughts about some I haven't tried:

    A used Vortex Viper HS (I've use their Diamondback and Viper PST) with their BDC reticle will be in your range too. I'd rank these as similar or slightly less than the accuracy of the two scopes above but they do well for their price and the Vortex warranty is as good as Leupold's for buying used equipment online. Look through one before you buy to make sure you like the 1000 yard clarity. They have a tighter eye box and a may present a little fuzzier target image at long range but they are in the range with high value for the money and will put you on a lot of varmints.

    Overall, if you want the best accuracy, I'd go with the Leupold. If you prefer to buy a new scope, you will have to come down in accuracy for the price (I hate doing that). You could consider the Vortex at the top of your price point. You might also want to look at the Monarch 3 5-20x44. I haven't tested it but have had good experiences with the Monarchs for accuracy and that is the magnification range you need. You will have to purchase a 20 MOA inclined scope mount for these because they don't have enough internal elevation to allow your 22-250 to aim at 1000 yards.

    Things to consider:

    1. Not all scopes have the same level of accuracy and you are investing in an ACCURATE rifle.

    2. You've got to see it to hit it. Large magnification up to 24x rules. Magnification above that level is seldom useful because it distorts the aim from barrel heat and mirage at long varmint range.

    3. You need lots of turret range (internal MOA of adjustment) to get your 22-250 to 1000 yards. With a 200 yard zero and a 75g bullet, you will need about 25 MOA of elevation to hit a woodchuck at 1000 yards. If a scope has less than 50 MOA of elevation, you won't make it without a 20 MOA bridge mount for your scope. Expect your zero point to be about half way in the middle of the turret range unless you have an inclined mount.

    I commend you for seeking advice from some mighty smart people here on F&S so that you get max enjoyment out of your purchase. I've seen shooters that discover these things after their purchase and were disappointed. Good luck with that new toy!


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      Just thought of another possibility for you. The Sightron SIII SS 6-24x50 gets good reviews for varminters. I haven' tried one yet but have been thinking about it. Used Sightrons will be in your range.


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        Thanks for the help! I'll look into those scopes and see what I can find!


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          Unless you pay an exorbitant price, you'll never go wrong with a Leupold scope! New or used.


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            I have a Savage LRPV. My action is a single shot so it is a little different but I say go for it! You won't regret it. Besides the action, mine has a synthetic stock and the Accustock. Mine is almost bench rest accurate and will shoot all but the heaviest bullets (that requires a 1:7 twist). I have a Nikon 8 x 35 scope on it. I use mine pretty exclusively for target shooting and p-dogs!


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              The LRPV looks like a very nice rifle! There are quite a few YouTube videos on them and they just explode p-dogs! I talked to one of my friends that is a competition shooter and she thinks I should go with a .223 with a 1:7 twist, I'm torn between the two calibers! The left port on you're rifle is a pretty good idea and is rare on a stock rifle, how do you like it? And how do you like your Nikon scope?




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