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I have a Remington 1100 with a 30" full choke barrel. To shoot slug I would need to do 1 of 3 things. get a rifled barrel, short

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  • I have a Remington 1100 with a 30" full choke barrel. To shoot slug I would need to do 1 of 3 things. get a rifled barrel, short

    I have a Remington 1100 with a 30" full choke barrel. To shoot slug I would need to do 1 of 3 things. get a rifled barrel, shorten the existing barrel and add an adjustable choke or get a barrel already equipped with an improved cylinder choke. Right?

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    No. None of that is nessecary but it would improve your accuarcy. You can take your shotgun out and fire all the slugs you want and nothing will explode and it be accuate enguogh to take a deer. The box of Remington slugs I am holding right now says this: "Rifled Slugs may be fired through any choke; however, improved cylinder provides best results. These slugs will also perform well in full rifled barrels and barrels, fittted with rifled choke tubes." So there you, your shotgun will work fine as is but if you want to improve accuracy make the stated changes.


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      A rifled slug barrel is a good bet provided you use the sabot style slugs designed for it. A smooth bore slug barrel is good for the foster type slugs. But then, you could just use what you got.


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        Well, I've read and been told a few different things. If slugs are fired through a full choke barrel it can cause metal fatigue and eventually ruin the barrel. I do not want that. I think I will get another barrel that will fire the slugs with no problems and keep the other barrel for buck shot cause I've also been told buck shot through a full choke barrel is fine. Thanks for your input.


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          Islander72:FYI Mossberg has bean making Shotgun Barrels for Remington for some time now!
          just saying...Happy New Year.


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            All you have to do is put rifled slugs in the Rem 1100 and shoot away. If you can hit a pie plate at 75 yards you are ready to go. It won't hurt the barrel any more than a load of shot.

            I'd highly recommend using slugs rather than buckshot for deer. They are much more reliable and give you a little more range.

            You may obtain a little more accuracy out of a slug barrel using the right slug for your barrel. The single beaded sight with no rear sight on a shotgun barrel does as much to reduce your accuracy as the slug itself does. To compensate for this a solid and consistent cheek weld is even more important than it is for skeet or trap. With a little practice you should be able to shoot your 1100 well enough for good deer hunting. Getting another barrel won't hurt but it is not a necessity. If rifle hunting is legal in your area, I'd save the money on the extra barrel and put it toward a rifle. Then you will have a much better gun for deer hunting.


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              Slugs destroying "full choke" barrels is an old wives tale.
              Slugs must be manufactured to pass through ALL chokes.
              If you're shooting a gun with screw in choke tubes, especially "extra" full turkey type chokes, you might rethink the situation.




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