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I am considering purchasing a Zeiss scope in the $399 range. I am wondering what experience anyone has had with Zeiss and are th

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  • I am considering purchasing a Zeiss scope in the $399 range. I am wondering what experience anyone has had with Zeiss and are th

    I am considering purchasing a Zeiss scope in the $399 range. I am wondering what experience anyone has had with Zeiss and are they worth the price. I have always used Nikon, Redfield or Leupold and know there is huge difference between these scopes and cheap ones but is there a big step up moving to a Zeiss. My interest in them is based solely on what I have seen recently on a tv show.

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    When Zeiss began producing scopes for the american market, with typical 1" tubes vs. 30mm tubes, I bought 3 of them. Glass was flawless, however the mechanics in the erector was a dismal failure. If you looked at them wrong, it would require re-sighting of the rifle. They were replaced by the Conquest line which I have not bitten on (due to prior experience) but I understand they are much more reliable. If you want to spend a couple of grand on a Zeiss, you will have a flawless piece of equipment that is extremely rugged and reliable. I think if I had $400 bucks to spend on a new scope, it would wear the Leupold moniker. JMO.


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      RES, I have both the Zeiss Conquest and some Leupolds. The Zeiss' is pretty rock solid not in regards to reaching and maintaining adjustments. The glass is pretty damn exquisite. What I don;t like is the length of the tubes, and for me, even though the eye relief is outstanding, the eye box seems a bit tight.

      The Leupold have been really good too. Probably not up to the optics of the Zeiss line, but great nonetheless.

      And, of course, the Conquest line is on the way out, replaced by the Terra line, which is made in Japan, for better or for worse. The company claims they are the equivalent of the old line, but cheaper. Hmmm.


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        Amflyer, "Just as good, but cheaper" Hmmmm. About as truthful as "I'm from the government and here to help you", but Japan has given us some great products, ask Browning Arms Co. so there may be some truth in it. Maybe, they are OK.


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          Ditto, RES1956!

          My recommendation is to never, ever buy any company's bottom-end, price point optics or anything else. Some companies do not have "bottom-end" products, example Kahles, Swarovski, Leica, etc. Nikon, Leupold, Burris, Weaver, and Bushnell all have entry-level price point optics that are nowhere near the quality of the mid or upper range products. Better has always been the enemy of good enough.


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            I haven't used the Conquest but I agree wholeheartedly with WAM. I would never recommend buying an entry level optic from any manufacturer. A good scope will last you a lifetime and you will enjoy it all the way. An entry level scope might not make it through its first season and you may cuss it all the way. Most of them look the same from the outside (except for the plastic ones) but it's what is inside that makes the difference. If money is tight, buy a used Leupold VX-2 or VX-3 scope. If it doesn't work, Leupold will repair it or give you a new one. That is the beauty of a great optic, a great warranty and a great company.


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              If you are looking at a $399 Zeiss it is probably Terra line. Conquest at $399 was a bargain!! I bought two, great glass no complaints!! I would pass on the Terra scopes.




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