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For all you reloaders out there; what is your most commonly loaded caliber, commonly used powders, bullets, primers etc. And how

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    P-H-W, you are correct that the 6.8mm is the .277 caliber just like the 6mm is the .243 caliber. There is no doubt in my mind that speed kills way more than slower bullets. After you cross over about 3500 fps, I think a hit to the foot would kill a deer. I actually used to shoot squirrels and beavers with my 25-06 75g bullets @ 3750 fps. I would shoot their front foot and they would be instantly dead like a wet rag. I was amazed at a 65 pound beaver that I shot in the foot; the leg had multiple compound fractures, the skull was split and its neck was broken. It never even quivered after impact. I shot a whitetail in the front of the throat with an 87g Sierra @3600 fps. It dropped like a wet rag and stuck to a trail rather than fall down the canyon like I expected. It also never quivered. In field dressing it, I noticed a 10" rip in its aorta, the lungs were like foam and the liver looked like hamburger. If you are going to be within 200 yards those little ultra-fast bullets are amazing.

    I just use bigger slower bullets to give me more range. I can take deer out to 500 yards easily with the 100g 25-06 bullet going 3350 fps. Occasionally I get a deer that doesn't drop on the spot but I've never had one go farther than 80 yards with those. Most of these are high/back shoulder shots.

    I don't mind spending time helping you out. Most of us recall what it is like to get started. I'm also sure most of us have enjoyed the story of your move to Wyoming and getting the opportunity to hunt that great country. I'm a little different than most though. I'm an advocate of speed and small bullets. They reduce recoil and they really help when shooting running game. There is nothing in the .277 caliber that is too small for deer and antelope. They also let you get plenty of target and varmint practice so when you get a shot, you will be able to place it with precision. When I got my first 25-06 I shot a few thousand rounds annually at rocks, p-dogs, black birds, gophers, rabbits, squirrels, etc. and it really helped with hunting.


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      Dakota- Thank you again for all your input. To further my question about the 6.8 mm, will 6.8 bullet fit in a .277 die, a .270 wsm case, or a .270 wsm action? And how do you assume it would shoot if your answers to the above are 'yesses'? I agree in part with the speed kills. I do not have enough experience with fast bullets to act knowlegable about it, but am hoping to test some rounds on the light and fast end on the diameter, and also heavier grained end also. I would prefer to buy barrels more often and end up with an accurate killing machine than settle for factory. As my questions become either more specific or embarrassing, I may email you directly if that would be ok? Thanks again, and Merry Christmas.


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        Sorry for all the typo's. It appears that hooked on fonics didn't work for me!!




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