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How accurately can you shoot off-hand standing?

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    First of all, you don't have to have a rock steady hold to a Master or even a High Master Competition shooter. Proper stance, breath control, good physical condition, what you ate and drank that day including what medications, meteorological conditions, but most of all having your timing down to a science knowing exactly when you get that right sight picture just milliseconds before the sights lineup on the target to initiate the brake of the trigger.

    Happy Myles brought up "Most folks find the results of off hand shooting unflattering at the range so do not practice, and it takes a lot of practice. Clay Cooper calls it training."

    During a NRA Junior Shooting program I was in at age 8-11, I caught pure hell from one of the adults running the range one night when I made the fatal mistake of saying, "I'm going to practice that". O' MY' GOD! I thought the world just ended! It was pure "HELL FIRE" the first contact with your Marine Training Instructor in Boot Camp!

    He said,

    You never practice, NEVER!
    You always will be in training!
    If your practicing and you are shooting poorly, you're practicing to shoot poorly, practicing to loose!
    You only practice that what you have mastered!

    Later I found out this Fella was an Olympic Coach and ya'know, he was right!

    There is two shooting positions I recommend every hunter to train in, kneeling and sitting. Standing is great when your in brush or high grass. Prone position puts you to low, the trajectory of the bullet is sure to come into contact with grass, rock etc and the recoil will be unmanageable causing injury, most of all flinching. recoil from Magnums can be easily tolerated in kneeling and sitting and this is where it pays off with a rock steady hold if done right and this is where I've made all my Big Game long range shots from.

    But above all the mistakes shooters do, I would say when shooting, follow through is the most important and this is where the cause of all misses occur!

    Don't have time to proof read, the message is clear and not intended for the shallow thinker!

    Disclaimer: This opinion does not constitute legal advice. Please consult an attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. Wear sunscreen, protective eyewear, and hearing protection. Buckle your seatbelt. Call your mother.
    --The Armchair Outfitter


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      i have killed deer offhand at 100 yards...not sure how comfortable id b past 125-150ish.


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        The picture of my Remington 700 30-06 is two quick shots off hand at 100yds,180gr bullets. The second Remington 700 picture is 5 shots, 165gr, from the bench with three in 1 hole and 2 in the other.


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          I mostly manage minute of deer.


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            I try to maintain a level of proficiency by popping at cans and balloons with my rifles. That said, it's been a three years since I've fired at small game in the unsupported, standing offhand position. That was a productive day, since we were up to our waist in sagebrush, but it's not my first choice and the position continues to challenge me, but it's fun to practice!




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