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Are o/u shotgun barrels regulated? How would you check them?

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  • Are o/u shotgun barrels regulated? How would you check them?

    Are o/u shotgun barrels regulated? How would you check them?

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    Double barrelled shotguns are regulated to approximately 35 yards.
    I'm not sure, but I'd think since most double rifles are big bore, it wouldn't be much beyond 35 yards.


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      Hadda Ruger stainless O/U trap gun.

      You could tell atta glance cuz there were no side ribs and the barrels nearly touched each at the front.


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        Missed part 2, jimbo!
        Set up two considerably sized sheets of paper or card board at 35 yards.
        Mark identical "aim points" on both sheets such as dead center.
        Shoot each barrel at different targets.
        SxS shotguns are normally choked with the left barrel one step tighter than the right. My L.C. Smith is choked full/mod.
        I think most O/U gun barrels are choked alike, i.e. mod/mod or IC/IC.


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          A Good Brand of O/U and SxS the shot will cross at 60Yd.


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            My o/u has screw in chokes so what should I use? I was thinking 2 3/4 #4's or #5's shooting from sand bags.
            Full in both barrels and target set at how many ?? yds.
            I just got a full roll of kraft paper about 36" wide so I can shoot as much as i need to.


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              Also, the difference due to regulation may be small compared to other effects.

              For example, there is going to be a random pattern diameter and shape variance of mebbe 3" from one shot to another, which would have to be estimated via statistical analysis over at least 1,000 rounds.

              Barrel regulation is only going to move the center of the pattern by an amount equal to the distance between bore centers at the distance where the barrels are regulated..

              Random variations are going to be much greater at any range, so it is mostly a rhetorical question, much like wondering if the refrigerator light REALLY went out after ye closed the door.

              The greatest gain here is to git yore forcing cones lengthened or git a reamer and do it yourself.

              When I first got that Ruger, I took it up on the mountain with a Trius foot trap and hit 2 of 15.

              Ah wz aghast!

              Gotta reamer from Brownell's and reamed both forcing cones.

              Haven't missed one since.

              The long forcing cone eliminates the holes in the pattern as well as reducing the 10% shot deformation which causes flyer shot.

              Obviously, random variations were enormous. It wz already backbored, too. This is where the time and money are best spent.

              Ah only shoot upland birds enny mo, so Ah use the same ammo fur everything; Winchester AA Target loads: #8, 2 3/4 @ 1300 fps.Ah nevva shoot at ennthing farther than 30 yards. This wood be a good place to start at full choke.


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                Thanks, I think it is already backbored. It's a Weatherby Orion (made by SKB).


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                  jimbo -

                  My training partner shoots an SKB.It is first-rate.He's one of those guys who shoots with both eyes open and points.Always gets the bird.You have better things to do than worry about that shotgun!




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