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I work at Los Angeles International Airport and we are on lock down due to an active shooter situation. I'll post as events unf

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    Correction: The shooter is still alive. Early reports of his death were incorrect, although he took three gunshot wounds to the chest.
    He was taken to the hospital for treatment.
    His condition has not been disclosed, but multiple gunshot wounds to the chest are associated with negative health outcomes.


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      Safado, I glad you’re safe.

      It is amazing to see this happen in California, the home of the most aggressive anti gun politicians Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Walters.

      Ladies, now do you understand that gun bans don't work on outlaws and criminals?


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        And last but not least the weapon of choice was an AR-15. I am sure this will start a another round of BS. All the political pundits will be out lobbying to ban this tool of perdition.

        I can totally agree. This will make us all safe. Coming from the "Generation of Duck and Cover". I know for a fact that a 3/4 inch Oak Elementary School Desk was the best place to be in case of Nuclear Attack. Beside it's so much cheaper than locking up a criminal or identifying the mentally ill.

        I apologizes for sarcasm but I'm getting too old for the next wave of stupid [email protected]


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          I'm glad you are okay, Safado and that the loss of life wasn't greater. There were some brave folks in Terminal 3 that went after this guy. Heroes, all of them.


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            Thanks for the concern. Where I work we were never in danger. We were on lockdown just to be caustious while there were confirming that he acted alone. As you all know by now he was attempting to commit suicide by cop and failed at that. I see a lot of the LEOs every day as we go through check points and security checks. They were sure heroic on Friday. Just never thought I would be close to one of these things.




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