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Are "special" bullets really necessary? To me, it just seems a marketing ploy, in which the ammo makers charge more for some fe

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  • Are "special" bullets really necessary? To me, it just seems a marketing ploy, in which the ammo makers charge more for some fe

    Are "special" bullets really necessary? To me, it just seems a marketing ploy, in which the ammo makers charge more for some feature. As far as the kill is concerned, 165 grains of lead is 165 grains of lead, no matter what shape, coating, ect. I shoot standard .270 WSM 165 gr. Winchester soft-points.

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    MY GOD!


    Dad on the money rocketman121


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      Sometimes "regular" bullets fail. Sometimes they don't penetrate well. Sometimes they don't expand properly. Sometimes they aren't that accurate. There is more in the world to shoot than deer.


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        Actually, I think this is a great question. I can only think some subtle differences make a difference in hunting different game.

        I mean... when monoplanes began outperforming, biplanes, they became the standard. Sloped front ends on cars for better aerodynamics/mileage? Standard

        Eventually, the best design for something, after they work the bugs out, becomes the general shape/form/operation for the whole (item).

        So how about bullets? If a boat-tail is so much better, then why isn't every round a boat-tail?


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          do you need one no not really in most cases, dead is dead . but in some instances advanced bullets are a good choice . you need better penetration (jacket design, thickness)
          , you need the bullet to stay together better,( maybe an all copper or bonded bullet ) you are shooting long range and need top performance than you will want a bullet with a higher ballistic coefficient .
          and on and on you can drive yourself nuts some times with it . but remember variety is the spice of life and it is fun to experiment .


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            I’ve recovered a more specialty bullets that failed to perform as advertised than none!


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              Well, there is always the cost factor too. A box of my .270's costs $30.99; whereas special bullets cost upwards of $45.00 a box. Yes, there are other things to hunt, but there aren't a whole lot of options in east Texas.


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                I think you are sadly mistaken. Winchester does not make a .270 WSM 165 grain softpoint according to their catalog, nor does anyone else make a 'standard' 165 grain .277 bullet.......

                Clay, I'm surprised you didn't pick up on that.



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                  Shane and Cooner have answered this succinctly.
                  One think that has always puzzled me is the person who will spend a fortune on a hunting trip of a life time, and then skimp on quality of ammo and practice time at the range. Two elements, in the whole scheme of things that that may mean success or time spent tracking wounded animals.


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                    WA Mtnhunter
                    Good catch


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                      Ok, thank you for catching that. This is my round: I was mistaken. By standard, I meant it has no "special" coatings (like this: special shapes, ect. Does that make sense?


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                        WA Mtnhunter

                        I was scratching my head over that one!

                        There is some pretty radical stuff out there and since they make 30 cal 250 grain then why should a 270 cal 165 grain surprise me!


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                          if price is an issue why not look in to rolling your own . after you get the equipment,you can shave some bucks off the price of premium ammo and work up pet loads for your rifles . you can get some beginner out fits for a reasonable price. they have all you need to start out minus the powder, primers, and bullets . rcbs has some great package deals to start you out , and you will get quality stuff


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                            If you would like to load a 165 grain bullet in your .270 WSM they are available from Hawk Bullets. See the evaluations below:

                            ". . . we found that the 165 grain Hawk Bullet which I used for the second time that day had driven up into the (huge kudu bull’s) chest after punching a fist-sized hole into the body."

                            Bullet Evaluation
                            270 cal. 165 gr. Hawk RT

                            Bushbuck - Range 100 yds.: Bullet passed through leaving wide wound channel and 3" x 2-1/2" exit that bled freely.

                            Kudu - Range 100 yds.: Bullets gave deep penetration with wide wound channels, were not recovered.

                            — Terence S. Underwood
                            ".270 Winchester in Africa"
                            Hunting Horizons


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                              I have been saving my casings for reloading, but haven't saved up enough for the gear. I'm currently saving for a mission trip to Kenya, and since it isn't hunting season, hunting gear is on the back-burner.

                              Beekeeper, thanks for the info. I might look into getting those some time, but currently, I'm pleased with my rounds' performance.




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