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Went to a large local outfitter, Fin Feather Fur and they have a good supply of about everything. .22lr in stock although price

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  • Went to a large local outfitter, Fin Feather Fur and they have a good supply of about everything. .22lr in stock although price

    Went to a large local outfitter, Fin Feather Fur and they have a good supply of about everything. .22lr in stock although price is still high. Limits on all types of ammo. A healthy supply of all reloading supplies although the prices are a little high. The new Savage B Mag .17WSM in stock $336. Ammo is $20/50. Perhaps with purchase limits and manufacturers catching up the shortages will be a thing of the past.

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    I ordered a new rifle barrel for my son last Fall as a Christmas gift. Two weeks later the massacre at Newtown happened. I just received the barrel last week. They honored the same price though the catalog price went up 10%.


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      Shopping at Wal*Mart this morning they have CCI 22Lr for $3.47/50 and 17.WSM for $16.99/50, Fed-30-30 170Gr $16.99/20....its coming Back


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        jhjimbo, what did you think of the B-mag? I handled one in Cabelas about a month ago and even with the money right there in my pocket I could not plunk in down for that plastic crap.
        It might just be the cheapest feeling rifle I have ever touched (and I own a Remington Viper). Shame on Savage for not putting the new cartridge in a decent rifle. I am waiting till someone puts it in a nicer platform.


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          @jimbo~ The Sport Shop Fur Fin & Feather sounds like a Sport Shop I bought Ammo in 40Yr-ago in Livingston Manor N.Y. If so I Hunted in Livingston Manor off old Rt17 back in the 1970??
          Let me know if i'm right...Thankx


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            All three locations of the Fin Feather Fur are in North Central Ohio. Must be another in Livingston Manor.
            BTW, I have hunted around L.M. and Rosco with friends from Roscoe. I know there are some great sporting stores in that area. Great hunting and fishing to.
            Did you hear about the 620lb bear relocated somewhere in Florida? I think I saw the article in OL or Peterson's Hunting.
            Happy hunting. Jim


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              I know what you mean. It is what it is. I am going to hold off just a little and see if they come out with a left hand. If not I will get the right hand. I already have a scope for it. A rifle that is suppose to be able to take a coyote at 300 yards for $.35 to $.40 a shot or less to me is a great buy.


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                Yes....Can't weight for a Season on them! they are Wrecking our Corn Feeders on the lease.
                and thankx for your come back. Good Hunting T-stand




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