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Does it damage a rifled shotgun barrel to shoot buckshot out of it? Are there any safety concerns? I know this has been asked be

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  • Does it damage a rifled shotgun barrel to shoot buckshot out of it? Are there any safety concerns? I know this has been asked be

    Does it damage a rifled shotgun barrel to shoot buckshot out of it? Are there any safety concerns? I know this has been asked before, but I guess I am just to lazy to go hunt it down. I know it will make the pattern spread. Something else, Does the shot even leave the wad while it is in the barrel, or does it come out after the wad exits the muzzle?

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    You Rifled Shotgun Bbl will load up on Plastic as time goes-on with the use of Shot,Buckshot,and Slugs. A good cleaning once a year or more Dep. on usage, The best way we found at the Shop was to Pre-Heat the Bbl with a Hair Dryer and Run a Heavy Dry Patch then a Brass brush.
    Hope this Helps


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      Yes, if you shoot a lot of buckshot thru your rifled barrel it can cause damage to the rifeling If you can buy an extra barrel with choke tubes and use improved cylinder choke


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        Expanding on what Tree and Deadeye said, it will also throw your buckshot in a very wide pattern, rifled for slugs, smooth for shot.


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          The wad is whut pushes the shot outta the barrel.

          They stay in the shot cup until the resistance of the air slows it more than the shot.

          In a rifled barrel, the spin causes the shot to depart in a direction tangential to the circular motion due to the rifling.

          This will open the wad sooner than with a smoothbore.


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            It will not ruin your barrel and it will not cause any unusual build up. Sabots are shot from rifled barrels and does not foul up the barrel with plastic.

            Now if you were to shoot a rifled slug from a rifled barrel it would eventually give you major issues.

            The only issue with your question is why? Your pattern would be worthless. There was a show on Sportsmen Channel last year discussing this. I will look for it on youtube to give you a link. They stood 25 feet away from a human silhouette target and shot a 3in 00buck with only one pellet hitting the target.


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              Well, that is kinda the reason. This gun is for hog/home defense. I want to shoot slugs but if i have a target unusually close or coming at me I would like to have a little spread. I probably will not use the buckshot ever, but I would like to know, just in case. I do have a smooth bore barrel with chokes, but it is 28 in. so I want something a little shorter. Also, with a rifled barrel, this gun would be my backup deer gun.




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